Read the Spring 2017 issue of Write Magazine

The Writers’ Union of Canada publishes Write, a quarterly magazine, for our members and industry partners. The Spring 2017 issue was released in early May and highlighted Indigenous writers from across the country. The issue is filled with fine, challenging, and important writing, and we are pleased to make many of those pieces available to the public here, with the permission of the authors. 

Contents: Spring 2017

Opportunities and Challenges at Long-Running Indigenous Publishing House
with Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
On Indiginegativity: Rejection and Reconciliation in a Pool of Liberal Tears
by Joshua Whitehead
Writing About Reconciliation and Facing My Biggest Fears
by Richard Van Camp
A Poet's Words, Dividing and Bridging a Family and Community 
by Tanya Roach
Writing Wounded Histories
by Louise Bernice Halfe
Leaving a Job, Becoming a Writer, Finding One's Lost Self
by Elaine J. Wagner
Humour and Coping in Native Writing
by Gord Grisenthwaite
On Seeing and Being Seen: The Difference Between Writing with Empathy and Writing with Love
by Alicia Elliott
In Their Golden Age, Indigenous Literatures Break and Beckon to Tradition
by Shannon Webb-Campbell
Writing Wrongs: A Panel Discussion
with Cherie Dimaline, Rukhsana Khan, and Drew Hayden Taylor
Fiction: Fat Rabbits & Wry Smiles
by Helen Knott
Poetry: On Receiving a Government Letter Rejecting Our Indian Status
by Shannon Webb-Campbell