Writing For Children 2005 Winner

Writers' Union
Press Release

2005 Award Winner

The Writers’ Union of Canada, a national organization of over 1500 trade-book authors, is pleased to announce the winner of its ninth annual Writing for Children Competition. Heather Beaumont of Toronto, Ontario is the recipient of the $1500 prize for her entry "Delroy's Present."

Heather Beaumont was born in London, England. She immigrated to Canada with her sister and parents when she was seven years old. This Toronto resident works in communications. She has produced magazine articles, children's television scripts, and fiction.

The Union initiated the Writing for Children competition to discover, encourage, and promote new writers of children’s literature. Twenty-seven Union members donated their time and expertise to read over five hundred and twenty submissions from every region of Canada, distilling them to a shortlist of twelve entries. These finalists were presented to the 2005 jury (award-winning authors Deborah Ellis, Janet McNaughton, and Allen Morgan) who selected Beaumont's story from the twelve.

"Delroy's Present" is a beautifully written story that flows smoothly. It presents a sad situation but a happy and hopeful ending. A very accomplished piece of writing, with a subtle way of conveying the child's emotion. "We all liked it.” (jury)


"The Boy That Ate From the Peak" Lara Bozabalian (Markham, ON)
"Pip Spins a Yarn" Tyne Brown (Dartmouth, NS)
"Willow's Whispers" Lana Button (Burlington, ON)
"The Little Laugh" Susan Margaret Chapman (Toronto, ON)
"Jessica Jane Jacobson Jones - The Book of Magic Spells" KerryAnn Cochrane (Montreal, PQ)
"The Ask-Me-Anything Kid" Lisa Goldberg (Toronto, ON)
"I Miss My Dad Brian" Henry (Toronto, ON)
"PERCY, PERCY" Kimberley Lee and Diana Swanick (Alton, ON)
"Roger versus The Lima Beans" Laura McLeod (Toronto, ON)
"The Fall Ball" Kathleen Ralph (Calgary, AB)
"Simar's Secret" Ceinwen Mary Topper (Ottawa, ON)


Meredith Andrew, Erinn Banting, Carolyn Beck, Rick Book, Paulette Bourgeois, Pauline Carey, Elaine Clow, Lena Coakley, Sandy Frances Duncan, Lian Goodall, Carolyn Gossage, Barbara Haworth-Attard, John F. Jansen in de Wal, Marvyne Jenoff, Robert H.Jones, Kathy-Diane Leveille, Celia Barker Lottridge, Kathleen McDonnell, Anne Logan McNamara, John Mortensen, Mary Razzell, Debbie Spring, Eva Stachniak,
Patience Wheatley


Deborah Ellis, Janet McNaughton, Allen Morgan.

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