Behind the Frontline becomes more relevant than Ever!!

Dec. 30 2020
Alana Jones
Members' Activity

COVID 19 pandemic and the homeless epidemic has rendered homeless individuals displaced within homeless systems with no ability to Continually access adequate shelter beds, proper social distancing practices while living rough in tent encampments, or opportunities to access the limited housing stock without the support of system navigators.

Many landlords have suspended unit viewings for fear of communal spread. 

This concurrent crisis alienates homeless individuals in an environment whereby they are already marginalized. At the nucleus of this concurrent crisis is frontline workers. 

In the midst of this crisis, frontline workers in hospital settings are being applauded. 

The unseen and often forgotten front line staff in shelters, community agencies remain in the shadows, addressing addiction and mental health, food security, housing access and other supports provided in community settings, on the streets and in individual homes. 

Behind the Frontline brings you front and centre into the lives of these workers and those they support. 

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