Bianca Lakoseljac Wins the Instant Hook Writing Contest 2016/17

Mar. 26 2017
Bianca Lakoseljac

Wnner: Bianca Lakoseljac (Ontario) Where the Sidewalk Ends

" I’m delighted to announce the winners and runners up of the 2016-17 Instant Hook Writing Contest. It was a very strong year indeed with over a hundred entries. A sincere thank you to all entrants for taking part and sharing their works-in-progress. Winner: Bianca Lakoseljac (Ontario) Where the Sidewalk Ends This entry grips the reader immediately as a romantically-involved couple encounter a street artist at sunset and the reader senses a gulf opening up between them. The story promises to reveal a great deal about the all the characters, and a touch of mysticism is very persuasively suggested through a heightened sensory awareness. Subtle, compelling, and economical, this is a thoroughly accomplished piece of writing." As potsed on the Instant Hook Contest 2016/17   website: