Video Reading Supports an End to anti-Black Racism and Systemic Descrimination

Bruce Rice
Literary Reading or Event

Watch Bruce Rice's video reading in repsonse to the calls for change and an end to anti-Black racism and systemic descrimination. This 17 minute piece includes four poems on the year 1968-- a year that included the shooting of Martin Luther King and the riots that followed, the shooting of Robert Kennedy, and the disastrous Chicago Democratic Convention. The poems are from the centre of his new collection, The Vivian Poems: Street Photographer Vivian Maier (Radiant Press), and are in her voice as a witness. This is a salute to those working for change then, and a recognition of the echoes that are too familiar today. This work was produced as part of Bruce's role as Saskatchewan Poet Laurate, and in support of statements by TWUC, the League of Canadian Poets, and others.