GIVE IT! 4th Moneybunny Book

Oct. 7 2020
Cinders McLeod
New Publication

GIVE IT! The 4th of the Moneybunny Books, financial literacy for young children, is out now. Written/illustrated by Cinders McLeod, Published by Nancy Paulsen Books, imprint of Penguin Random House NY: 
Chummy wants to be a superhero and save the world—or at least Bunnyland—from dragons. So when Gran suggests spending some of his birthday money to help others, he has a mega plan: He’ll buy a superhero costume! However it turns out there are no dragons to fight in Bunnyland – but there are some creatures who could use Chummy’s help. So clever Chummy adds things up and comes up with a new plan to contribute to a great clause -- and feel like a real hero as well!