Joint promotion opportunity

Jun. 22 2020
Donna Barker
Call For Submissions

Hello published authors!

If you have a book with a Canadian location, I have a promotion opportunity for you! 

I've created a promotion opportunity in an app called Story Origin. It's a relatively new player in the field and works much like BookFunnel, which many people are familiar with. 

The idea is that together we can help promote each other's books by sharing a link to a page with several author's titles. Most often, these promos are genre-specific, but I've created something a little different. The books in this promo can be any genre but all share one commonality: they all take place or have some scenes in a Canadian location. 

Joining the group promo is free.

Joining StoryOrigin is free.

Your only obligation, if you choose to particpate, is that you'll share the link to the promo page with your email list (if you have one) and on each of your social media platforms at least once during the month of July. That's it! 

Here's the link to learn more and to apply to be part of this group promotion. If you let me know in the comments box that you're a TWUC member, you'll be guaranteed a spot in the promo.

If you've never particpated in a promo like this before, I can tell you that they work! I launched a new title on May 4th under my new penname and had a mailing list at the time of ZERO. Not even my mom had joined since... penname on purpose! A

After particpating in three similar promotions, I now have 914 contacts of which 814 are active - meaning the contacts are opening the emails I'm sending them. 914 contacts In six weeks! 

I'm also selling more books and my KU reads have increased substantially on my old title. 

This particular promo is to sell books, not to collect email addresses, so most authors will add a universal book link in the Buy Now button field, but if you'd like to link to a page that collectes email addresses in exchange for a book download, that might work (I've not tested gaming the system but you're welcome to!)

Here's the link to apply/join:

And here's the link to see the books that have already been accepted so you know what the promo page looks like:

I hope to see lots of TWUC author's titles here so we can help each other find new readers.

Deadline to submit your book link is June 30 since the promo starts on Canada Day.

Best regards,

Donna Barker, writing as Danika Bloom