The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History

Dec. 19 2017
David McPherson
New Publication

I'm excited to announce the publication of my first book this past September via Dundurn Press:

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History.

It's already an Amazon bestseller and received positive reviews in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life, London Free Press, Hamilton Review of Books, and many others. Here is what some people have said about the book: 

“A rigorously researched account of one of Canada’s most storied music clubs.” - The Globe and Mail

“At a time when music venues are under attack by gentrification and development, the Horseshoe remains immortal. I’ve long wondered what those checkerboard floors would say if they could talk. Now they can.” - Alan Crossinternationally renowned radio broadcaster and music writer 

“David McPherson does an amazing thing with this affectionate and informative book about the “Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.” As someone who has performed there and attended countless shows there over the years, it made me feel like

I was a witness to something much bigger and more integral to the history of Toronto’s ever-changing music scene.” - Ron Sexsmith 

“a glorious two-handed plunge into the loam of the most famous rock ’n’ roll club in Canada; digging in the weeds to find the bones that find the ghosts who played there, from Hank Williams to Tom Connors to Frankie Venom to Townes Van Zandt and beyond.” - Dave Bidini, author of Writing Gordon Lightfoot 

“David McPherson has captured the soul and the sweat, the joy and the chaos of the hands-down greatest music parlor in Canada. This book takes you through a journey that began before rock ’n’ roll and keeps the ghosts humming with you long past closing time. From Stonewall Jackson to the Last Pogo the spirit that is the Horseshoe lives in these pages.” - Colin Linden, musical director of the TV show Nashville and member of Blackie & the Rodeo Kings 

“Over the years, Toronto has had its fair share of legendary clubs including the El Mocambo, the Colonial Tavern, the Matador and the Riverboat. Arguably, none of these are important as the Horseshoe Tavern. Open since 1947, the Horseshoe started as a country bar, for a short while was at the center of Toronto’s punk scene and for the past 35 years has booked a plethora of eclectic up and coming Canadian and international acts, many of whom have gone on to become superstars. On the eve of its 70th birthday, author David McPherson finally tells the fabled club’s story.” - Rob Bowman, Grammy Award-winning author and professor