David A. Wimsertt releases new mythical fantasy novel

Dec. 4 2018
David A. Wimsett
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My latest novel, Dragons Unrelated, is finished and loaded into the Amazon Kindle store for release on December 14th. It can be pre-ordered now. I will release a paperback edition soon.

Dragons Unremembered is a gender balanced, mythical fantasy novel with action, battles, political intrigue, cultures, languages, forgotten legends, songs and fantastic creatures. It employs mythical architypes shared by all people to build unique characters who are both noble and base.

The evil dragon, Baras, has lain subdued for thousands of years by the magical crown of the monarchy of Carandir. Sorcerers called the Barasha, the servants of Baras, plot to steal the crown and release their master who will bring a reign of terror to the world. Some leaders are seduced by power and plot the monarchy’s overthrow. A young prince and a princess must work together to prevent Baras from rinsing.

You can learn more, read sample material and view videos at http://www.capesplitpress.com/dragons_unremembered.php.