"Daring to Hope at the Cliff's Edge"

Aug. 19 2019
Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland
New Publication

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my debut book of poetry, "Daring to Hope at the Cliff's Edge: Pangea's Dream Remembered" / Chapel Street Editions in association with Joggins Fossil Institute.


About the book: Daring to Hope at the Cliff’s Edge is a timely, multifaceted narrative poem that explores the morality of climate change action, one’s connection to the land, and the importance of centering Indigenous ways of knowing. The setting is the magnificent Joggins Fossil Cliffs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Bay of Fundy. Here, Glenn- Copeland deftly weaves myriad themes into luscious and even humorous verse. The narrative brings readers through the poet’s year-long odyssey—through eco-despair to what it means to practice what Buddhist eco-philosopher Joanna Macy refers to as “active hope”.

“Lyrical, bewildering, heartening, and unsettling, this work sees an individual voice reckoning with the overwhelming complexity of our present moment.”

~ Nick Storring, Musician and music journalist

“Elizabeth is a passionate, compelling presence, and the urgency and clarity of her writing is given even greater power in a live setting.”

~ Sean O’Neill, Executive producer and host, CBC In the Making