The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy - Book Launch

Aug. 13 2019
Edwin Wong
Literary Reading or Event

Langham Court Theatre in Victoria, BC announces that it is hosting the book launch for theatre expert Edwin Wong's new title: THE RISK THEATRE MODEL OF TRAGEDY: GAMBLING, DRAMA, AND THE UNEXPECTED on the evening of Sunday, October 20, 2019. In this debut work of literary criticism, Wong develops a new and unique model of drama called 'risk theatre' to align tragedy with modern concepts of chance and uncertainty.

The risk theatre model is a blueprint of 21st century drama. By drawing examples from Sophocles to Shakespeare and O'Neill, Wong argues in a clear and straightforward voice how tragedy dramatizes gambling acts gone awry. By making risk the fulcrum of the action, tragedy speaks powerfully and directly to audiences living in an increasingly volatile world.

THE RISK THEATRE MODERN TRAGEDY COMPETITION, the largest plawriting competition in the world for the writing of tragedy is a joint venture between Wong and Langham Court Theatre (see ). The winner of the inaugural competition, Brooklyn playwright Gabriel Jason Dean, will be in attendance at the book launch where there will be a staged reading of Dean's winning play IN BLOOM.

The author’s diagnosis and remedy for the current state of theater are imaginative and quite persuasive . . . An ambitious, thought-provoking critique of tragedy in the 21st century.
—Kirkus Reviews
If you love literature—theater, film, novels, history, biography, opera, whatever—you need to read this extraordinary work . . . Read it—twice. You will never read another work of literature the same way.
—Charlie Euchner, Columbia University
An insightful and compelling read . . . Through the art of reinterpretation, Wong manages to present a bold, inventive new model of theatre through the lens of risk.
—Broadway World
The idea of ‘tragedy’ was wrapped in the mystique of motivations and nobility and flaws that put it out of reach for me as a playwright. This book strips away the mystique and makes the form available to me.
—Donald Connolly, playwright and two-time Academy Award nominee