Permanent Tourists

Jun. 22 2020
Genni Gunn
New Publication

I'm delighted to announce that my new short story collection, Permanent Tourists, will be published by Signature Editions, October 1, 2020. These stories feature displaced protagonists loosely connected through a support group, all of them dealing with loss precipitated by elusive fathers, husbands and lovers, by a wife’s death, a lost child, sibling rivalries. Tourists in their own lives, these characters are often paralysed by emotional inertia. The protagonists in this collection flee to evade their responsibilities, their failed relationships, their own shortcomings. Within the unfamiliar, their problems resurface and they’re forced to confront and re-examine them. Permanent Tourists presents physical, emotional and psychological tourists, all striving to delve more deeply into themselves, their friendships, their families, their love relationships, and ultimately, to spur themselves to action.