Providing Free eBooks to Readers During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar. 25 2020
George Mercer
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Hello Fellow Writers

To help readers get through the current coronavirus pandemic I have made the ebook version of all four titles in my Dyed In The Green fiction series about Canada's national parks free at I also am currently trying to get Amazon/Goodreads to waive the cost to authors of book giveaways to allow readers free access to the Kindle version of my ebooks. This will result in lost revenue from ebook sales but I feel it is a worthy contribution so readers can focus their limited financial resources on other essentials such as food, rent, etc.. I know I'll survive without the revenue and I'm in a position to do this. Other authors may not be but if you are, I ask you to consider taking a similar approach, at least until the current situation is resolved. Together, we can get through this and support our base ... readers everywhere. Thanks and please stay healthy. George Mercer