Fuse is out now with Guernica's MiroLand Imprint!

Jun. 1 2021
Hollay Ghadery
New Publication

My book of nonficition Fuse, a series of mosiac essays on mixed-race identity and mental illness, was released on May 1, 2021 by Guernica Editions' MiroLand Imprint. 

Fuse probes and explores the documented prevalence of mental health issues in bi-racial women. Fuse has elements of memoir, but does not follow a traditional linear narrative. Rather, the book is a series of 15 meditations that probe different parts of Hollay’s fractured biracial experience, including eating and anxiety disorders, self-mutilation, sex, motherhood, and the simultaneous allure and rejection of aesthetic beauty. In Fuse, Hollay speaks to the struggle to construct a fluid identity in a world that wants to peg you down: what you are, and are not. While Hollay’s experiences are personal, the issues surrounding the biracial identity are wide-spread; the number of interracial marriages is increasing every year. A dialogue on the tensions surrounding the female biracial mind and body is long overdue. 

Fuse is availble wherever books are sold. I hope you have a chance to read it.