Variations sans palais

Mar. 8 2021
Irina Moga
New Publication


"Variations sans palais" (Variations without a palace), written by the Canadian author Irina Moga and published by Éditions L'Harmattan in September 2020, is a collection of poems that fuse past and present through recourse to a landscape in which shadows of the old and the New World coexist.


The book is divided into three parts "The Lost Journal of Paul de Chomedey, Seigneur de Maisonneuve," "Variations without a Palace" and "Drowned Alphabet."


The first part is an imaginary diary of Montreal's founder, Paul de Chomedey, Seigneur de Maisonneuve, punctuated with quotations from Moliere's play, "The Misanthrope".


The second part, "Variations without a palace," includes poems whose themes interweave the emblematic Canadian landscape and (poetically) re-interpreted French palaces.

The last part of the book, "Drwoned Alphabet" is built on a scaffolding inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's poem "Voyelles" (Vowels).

Suitable for both adult and teenage literature aficionados, this book is an easy read, meant for Canadian and French audiences.