Quill of the Dove in Spanish

Aug. 14 2019
Ian Thomas Shaw

I am delighted to announce that my second novel, Quill of the Dove, will be translated and published in Spanish by Dokusou ediciones (Murcia, Spain). Kudos to Anna van Falkenburg and Michael Mirolla at Guernica Editions for their relentless efforts to promote their authors, both in Canada and internationally. The Spanish translation comes on top of the sale of the French rights to Éditions L'Interligne and the Catalan rights to Editorial Gregal, as well as the optioning of film and TV rights to Original Pictures (which plans to adapt the novel for a TV limited series). The next stops in this journey are pitching to German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese publishers. Anna will represent Guernica Editions at the Frankfurt International Book Fair in October to promote foreign rights sales for the more than 600 books that Guernica has published. She can also be contacted by e-mail at annavanvalkenburg@guernicaeditions.com to discusse FR rights sales.


Ian Thomas Shaw