Book Launch

Feb. 4 2020
Jennifer Maruno
New Publication

Jennifer Maruno's latest middle-grade novel, UNTIL NIAGARA FALLS, will launch March 15, 2 pm - A Different Drummer Books 513 Locust St. Burlington, Ont. L7S 1V3

Unfortunately there are no instructional manuals on friendship. When you've skipped a grade and you live an old-fashioned life with your Gran, Brenda thinks the new-girl-on-the-block is the most exciting friend on could have. The first gift Maureen gives her is the chicken pox, her last a stolen perfume cache. Facing the challenges of a toxic friendship by learning to cope with insults, cheats and threats, Brends has to learn the differencr between truth and lies, borrowing and theft, watching and spying. But how far does Maureen have to go before Brenda realizes this is not a friendship worth having?