Stretch Your Mind (and Hamstrings) with Trail Mix by Jules Torti

Aug. 27 2021
Jules Torti
New Publication

It's a familiar feel, a backpack heavy on my collarbones and hips. Walking 920km across Spain was just the beginning of a now insatiable urge. On September 3, my memoir, Trail Mix: 920km on the Camino de Santiago will be released by Rocky Mountain Books. As I pace in anticipation, I'm also optimistically logging miles in advance of beginning the Camino Krk (that's not a typo!), a 150km loop of Krk Island, Croatia mid-September. If you're looking for a kickstart for a long walk in any direction, Trail Mix is a reminder that the unexpected is possible--you just have to start walking towards it. If you were intrigued by The Way, Trail Mix offers the inside scoop on the best bunk beds, insomnia, snoring pilgrims, the cheapest plonk and the addictive nature of waking and walking. And doing it all over again. Come, tag along!