A Suggested Pairing for Your Next Pumpkin Spice Latte

Oct. 7 2019
Jules Torti
New Publication

Here's the skinny: In 2016, my partner and I sold our 155-year-old stone cottage on Facebook. We shoved everything into a shipping container and assumed our new postal code would be romantically adjacent to a pinot noir vineyard in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Instead, our forwarding address (for an entire year) was our friend's barn in Uxbridge, and our very-immediate neighbours were 8 horses, a pig named Olive and a barn cat named Lucy who enjoyed lime Tostitos and This is Us as much as we did. It was a fancy barn with Netflix and wi-fi, but, it was also a barn with just a pull-out couch, a pool table (my 'walk-in closet') and a panini maker. 

We made a lot of paninis. Inadvertently, this suspended period of time inspired my recently published memoir, Free to a Good Home: With Room for Improvement (Caitlin Press). It's a book designed for the restless, insomniacs, nomads and "I Dream of Africa" types. Though my memoir revisits our 88-house long real estate search, the thick of it revolves around the concept of home. Is it a person, a place or a bricks-and-mortar thing? I've wandered all over the place to find out, spending quality time with 26 chimpanzees in the Congo in my search. Free to a Good Home reads like a well-folded map. It's familiar in the way that making breakfast for chimps and illustrating colouring books for Jane Goodall can be. There are dogs too--poor decisions, ex-girlfriends, better decisions, haphazard epiphanies in the jungle of Costa Rica (and Uganda...and the Galapagos) and a genuine Bridges of Madison County-esque love story at the beating heart of it all.

It's a life full of spirograph-like circles that continue to surprise not only the reader, but even myself. You can find your copy of Free to a Good Home here.