New film shows three-decade old cod collapse even more relevant today

Mar. 22 2021
Jenn Thornhill Verma
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A new film, released in February by McIntrye Media and Canadian Geographic, puts the east coast cod fishery collapse back in the spotlight, nearly three decades later. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the animated short film called "Last Fish, First Boat" recounts the 1992 cod moratorium, from the perspective of fifth-generation fisherman, Eugene Maloney. This six-minute animated film is adapted from author Jenn Thornhill Verma’s 2019 book, "Cod Collapse: The Rise and Fall of Newfoundland’s Saltwater Cowboys. The film was illustrated and animated by visual artist, Kat Frick Miller, with an original soundtrack by the band, Paragon Cause; and co-produced with filmmaker Matt LeMay. Last year, Verma also became a Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Read the film release and watch the film: And hear Verma talk about the film in the news: