Swim Home: Searching for the Wild Girl of Champagne

Jun. 26 2020
Kathleen McDonnell
New Publication

This new non-fiction book frm award-winning author and playwright Kathleen McDonnell had its virtual launch on June 18, 2020 at the Imperial Pub Online. SWIM HOME takes the reader on a quest to unravel a 300-year-old mystery, and restore to history the remarkable life of Marie-Angelique LeBlanc, the woman known as the Wild Girl of Champagne. This book is an odyssey full of twists and turns, ranging from 18th-century Quebec, to a Champagne winery in an ancient French chateau, to the cornfields of Iowa. There McDonnell finds the present-day members of Marie-Angelique's Nation, and in the process uncovers a truth about her own family roots.