The Parasol Flower

Jun. 12 2020
Karen Quevillon
New Publication

Hooray! My first novel, THE PARASOL FLOWER, will be published August 14, 2020 through Regal House Publishing. This is a delayed launch due to the pandemic, however it's now available for pre-order and sales in bookstores everywhere. 

“The Parasol Flower is an engrossing tale of two impassioned women, separated by a century, both hunting for treasure: one is an artist trekking through a pulsing Malaysian jungle, seeking a singular, exquisite flower; the other, a scholar trekking through the tangles of time-past, seeking a singular, exquisite woman. Beautifully written, utterly engaging and sparkling with wisdom, Karen Quevillon’s outstanding debut novel vividly explores the essential urgency of heeding the persevering yearnings of one’s creativity and destiny.” – Janet Turpin Myers, author of Nightswimming and The Last Year of Confusion

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