Nov. 15 2021
New Publication
My new book ''THE FIRE WITHIN US  '' is a  volume of  poems from my soul to your souls. Publisher: Globart Universum publishing house-2021 Montreal
'The author Mihaela CD lives intensely through poetry. Strong vibrations run beyond the written lines, touching a sensitive chord in the reader’s soul. The extraordinary surprise of this poetry volume is the superb interweaving of the verse with the painting. The poetry-painting collaboration between the author Mihaela CD and the artist Mircea Ruştiuc was not accidental at all. Mihaela was impressed by the details and the beauty of the paintings created by the artist and Mircea Ruştiuc was captivated by the sensitivity that runs through Mihaela’s poems.“The Fire Within Us” combines feelings and burning desires of the soul, present in the creative process, both in literary creation, and the art of painting. Various feelings, such as joy, sadness, love, faith, hope, despair, peace, tranquillity, or inner storm of the soul parade before our eyes through the traces left by the enchanted pen of the author, but also through the rays of beauty and color that flood our soul, which was brought as a gift by the artist’s brush. This wonderful book reveals the inner fire present in the souls of the two creators of beauty. I invite you, dear readers, to warm your souls up in this extraordinary creative fire present in the
volume “The Fire Within Us”.                                                   (Editor's note)