Dec. 2 2020
New Publication
My new book ''Sometimes elephants  are flying '' is a bilingual (english/romanian) volume of aphorisms, reflections and motivational  statements
Publisher: Globart Universum publishing house.
When Elephants Fly…
Yes, elephants sometimes fly. This is true!
Sometimes they fly only in our imagination but slowly, slowly, the more you think about it and wish for it, they can really fly.
Everything starts in life with a dream and any dream can come true when you REALLY want it!
The idea of this book came to me observing around me how many people need a positive impulse to motivates them like an invisible mentor.Even me, in different moments of my life I needed a positive impulse.I’m a fighter and I’m full of positive energy, but I’m still a human being.
More and more today’s young generation (and not only them) need a boost. The temptation to give up on our dreams lurks at every step, always finding us around at hand, easier alternatives, shorter roads and faster results, even if they are not exactly what we want. These are part of the “school of life” in which we receive the lesson of love, courage, trust and perseverance.
I believe a lot in the power of example, I believe that the environment,friends, entourage and the surrounding models shape us, shape us like clay. But I also believe that the greatest strength we have is the power of our thinking and I believe that we alone choose to be happy or not, sometimes even without realizing it.Sometimes we need others to remind us how great we are. Life always gives us surprises, sometimes better, sometimes worse, it gives us ups and downs, it gives us chances and trains in which we decide whether to get on or not. The decisions we make today shape our future, change our history,sometimes for better sometimes for worse. It is important that in any case we do not lose hope and give up our dreams! The most impossible things are possible! The difference is your attitude!
I have chosen some reflections and motivational statements that I have included in this book and I hope and wish with all my heart that these will motivate you, because, sometimes, even elephants fly!