Chasing Zebras

Sep. 28 2021
Malgorzata Nowaczyk
New Publication

Margaret Nowaczyk's memoir of medical training, mental health, and writing will be published November 9 by Wolsak&Wynn.

From the Publisher: When Margaret Nowaczyk immigrated to Canada with her family from Poland she was determined to be Canadian, whatever that meant, and she was equally determined to be a doctor. Margaret shares a journey that is both inspiring and harrowing: from leaving Communist Poland to enduring the demands of medical school, through living with a long undiagnosed mental illness to discovering the fascinating field of genetics, plunging into the pressures of prenatal diagnosis and, finally, finding the tools of writing and narrative medicine. This is a story of constant effort, of growth, of tragedy and of triumph, and most of all, of the importance of openness. In the end, Dr. Nowaczyk invites us to see that “life is precious and fragile and wondrous and full of mistakes.” And to keep trying.