"The Inheritance of Shame: A Memoir"

Jul. 2 2017
Peter Gajdics
New Publication

"The Inheritance of Shame: A Memoir," published on May 16, 2017, by Brown Paper Press, is the true story of author Peter Gajdics’ six years in a bizarre form of conversion therapy that attempted to “cure” him of his homosexuality. The book details Gajdics’ recovery from the therapy and somewhat successful attempt to seek legal recourse, juxtaposed against his parents’ histories of trauma: his mother’s incarceration and escape from a communist concentration camp in post-World War II Yugoslavia, and his father’s upbringing as an orphan in war-torn Hungary. Spanning decades and continents, "The Inheritance of Shame: A Memoir" is about the dark forces of oppression and the will to survive; its themes are universal: generational trauma, childhood sexual abuse, powerlessness in the face of adversity, self-acceptance, identity, the resilience of the human spirit, and the recognition that we have within each of us a core essence that cannot be killed, or “changed.”