Book Launch for 'Alternative Schooling & Student Engagement'

Nov. 25 2017
Sharon Berg
New Publication


ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLING AND STUDENT ENGAGEMENT: Canadian Stories of Democracy within Bureaucracy

Where?      OISE, Nexus Lounge, 7th floor

When?       December 1st, 2017     Time?   6:45 PM to 9:00 PM

There are around 20 authors of essays about Alternative Schools, most in the Toronto area, in this book. They include schools like Alpha (Deb O'Rourke), Contact (Harry Smaller & Margaret Wells), Inglenook (Robert Pritchard & Robert Rennick), Wandering Spirit Survival School (Sharon Berg), The Triangle Program (Steven Solomon), and SEED (Katheryne Schulz). Several authors will be making 3-4 minute presentations about their chapters and there will be a special Book Launch price for the book.