I authored a Chapter on Wandering Spirit Survival School

Aug. 19 2017
Sharon Berg
New Publication

 Amazon says they will be releasing this important book on August 28th, 2017. There are many authors, each of us focusing on a different Alternative School. I wrote about Wandering Spirit Survival School (WSSS), founded in 1976 as the first 'Native Way School' in Canada. I explore the critical differences in the approach taken by this school in order to foster confidence and revive culture in First Nations students. WSSS still exists in the Toronto Board of Education (TBE), though it has changed since its first 7 years, after the  founder, Pauline Shirt, left the school due to illness. It has suffered a name change and a shift in approach, which is all about melding the goals and aspirations of alternative to main stream. But never fear, Pauline and her son, Clayton Harper, have been talking to the TBE. The word is that there should be a revival of her original approach to educating First Nations students and a re-branding of the school to its original name.


Check out the link above to the book.