IPPY 2020 Best Regional Nonfiction - Bronze Medal

Jun. 12 2020
Sharon Berg
The package arrived from the 2020 IPPY Awards! And it held a surprise as I was not expecting to receive an actual medal, one that I can wear! Woohoo! I rushed over to my neighbour and asked her to take a photo of me with the medal and certificate. This is a Bronze for Best Regional Nonfiction: Canada East, awarded for 'The Name Unspoken: Wandering Spirit Survival School'. It was at least a 30 year process to get this book out. I am so happy for Elder Pauline Shirt that her school's story is finally available, though there were only 50 books printed and all but a very few are gone. Is there a publisher with a distribution arrangement that wants to pick up this cross-genre history which is truly the tale of a community? The school was founded as a private elementary school in Pauline's living room in Sept 1976, adopted as an Alternative school by the Toronto Board of Ed in Feb 1977, and it still exists! Share this success story. The school is now in its own building and offers high school as well. #IPPY2020