Looking Back to Move Forward

Oct. 23 2019
Susan Ioannou
New Publication
After a great loss, it is understandable to withdraw from life for a time. That is how I felt after the death of my husband in February 2018. During long days to remember and reflect, while I was rereading our early love letters, some poems set me searching my computer for more linked to us. As a modest memorial, I collected them in a slim volume titled For the Love of Lazaros, commemorating our more than 50 years together.
As well, my computer search yielded poems inspired over the decades by many unique individuals of whom I was fond, which I gathered into The Dance Between: Poems About Women.
Published under my new imprint Opal Editions, both can be found on amazon.ca, or reached through my website link http://www3.sympatico.ca/susanio/feature.html