The Symmetry of the Tyger, A Memoir

Dec. 6 2019
Valerie Laws
New Publication

In THE SYMMETRY OF THE TYGER. A MEMOIR,  Eugene Benson surveys ninety years of travel, adventure, and engagement in the areas of literature, music, and academia.   Would-be Catholic priest, librettist, novelist, teacher in a one-room school (nine grades), editor, and professor, his memoir is both witty and engaging.  As a former Chair of The Writers Union (1983-4) and founding co-President of PEN Canada (with Margaret Atwood) he was involved with many of the key figures who shaped Canadian culture in the later part of the 20th century including Northrop Frye, Marshall McLuhan, Graeme Gibson, Margaret Laurence,  Atwood, and Irving Layton.   Publisher: Rock's Mills Press.  Available through Amazon.