Release of debut novel, Bombing the Moon, by Nancy Chislett

Jan. 7 2022
Nancy Chislett
New Publication

Novel summary:

At 24, Devin Rush's future is unknown and his parents don't support his dream of becoming a songwriter. Add to that North Korea's nuclear threats, a corporate world of greed, and impending automation, Devin feels like the world is rigged against him.

Conflict boils at home. Devin is jobless and antagonistic. His parents, wondering if he'll ever man-up, fear he'll depend on them for life. But when Devin's grandfather gives him a one-way ticket to Nairobi, Kenya, Devin believes its his family that wants him gone. Outraged and seeing no alternative, he leaves, and is thrust into a world unlike any he's ever seen.

Stunned by his sudden departure, Devin's parents and sister are pushed further afield of the control they crave. Resentment and guilt nudge his parent's marriage closer to collapse, and abandonment triggers his sister's long-buried shame. When Nairobi's election approaches and tensions erupt, Devin is faced with choices and consequences that are all too real. Bombing the Moon is a roller coaster ride that explores and promises and limitations of tough love.

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