Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female

Sep. 9 2022
Tanis MacDonald
New Publication

In this wide-ranging collection of essays Tanis MacDonald walks the reader down many paths, pointing out the sights, sharing stories and asking questions about just who gets to walk freely through our cities, parks and wilderness. Deer move mysteriously through these essays, knowing just when they vanish from sight, as do predators, both human and animal. She walks to begin to understand the place she now calls home in Southern Ontario, and continues walking through illness. From a child spotting a snowy owl on her way to school, to a young woman watching her own distinctive walk be imitated in an acting class, to a worried daughter helping her mother relearn how to walk after a bad fall on a busy road, MacDonald shares how walking has shaped her life and the lives of many others. Wry, smart, political and lyrical, these essays share the joy of walking as well its danger and uncovers the promise it offers – of healing, of companionship and of understanding.

"Bringing her keen poet’s eye to the essay form, [MacDonald's] approach is lyrical and wide-ranging, examining the privileges and exclusions of the simple stroll, and asks us to consider who gets to navigate the world freely and who does not." -- Stacey May Fowles, Quill and Quire