Participating Authors

Author City Genre Audience Size Grades Northern Program

Abdou, Angie

Calgary, Cranbrook, Fernie, ... Fiction 10-200 No

Abley, Mark

Pointe Claire Nonfiction, poetry Any Adults; university and college students. No

Adams, Rebekkah

Owen Sound Therapeutic Writing, Narrative Therapy, Resilience and Hope Through Creativity Any Size Adults Yes

Ahang_Mehdawi, Parastu

Non-fiction, prose poetry any size Yes

Aihoshi, Susan

Toronto historical fiction Flexible 4 and up, through high school No

Albanese, Eleanor

Thunder Bay creative non-fiction, fiction, playwriting 8 + I am able to design workshops for all ages and abilities. Grades 1 to 12 Yes

Alladin, Erin

Parry Sound region Picture Book Up to 35 PreK to Grade 1, Grade 1 to Grade 3 Yes

Andersen, Marguerite

Toronto, ON Fiction, Poetry 20 7-8 No

Anderson, Raye

Gimli Crime Fiction Audience/60. !6 and over No

Anderson, R.J.

Stratford middle grade, YA, fantasy, science fiction, mystery any 4-12 Yes

Anderson-Dargatz, Gail

Salmon Arm fiction any middle and high school grades Yes

Andrew, Suzanne Alyssa

Vancouver Writing inspiration and motivation Any Adult writers at any stage No

Arato, Rona

North York, Ontario Junior fiction, Canadian history/biography varies 4-7 No

Armstrong, Jason

Toronto Male Sexuality Any Adult gay men No

Armstrong, Théodora

North Vancouver Fiction Any size Yes

Austen, Catherine

Gatineau children's fiction up to 100 Different presentations for all levels from JK to Adult Yes

Baird Warren, Jane

Ayer's Cliff Middle Grade Classroom Yes

Baldwin, Shauna Singh

Milwaukee, WI, USA Reading from my work -- discussing creative writing unlimited - virtual 16 and up No

Banyard, Antonia

Nelson children's non-fiction up to 30 in person 7-14 years, grades 2-8 Yes

Bar-el, Dan

Vancouver children's books varies preschool - grade 9 No

Barclay, Michael

Toronto Biography, non-fiction, Canadian music, Canadian history Any Grades 8-12 No

Barker, Michelle

Vancouver Historical fiction, picture book, poetry, short fiction, YA Any Historical fiction: grades 9-12 Picture book: grades 1-3 Short fiction and poetry: any age Yes

Barnes, Mike

Toronto, ON Short stories, novels, poetry Regular 7-12 No

Barnes, Lilly

any or all of above publications any 10 on No

Barrett, Gavin

Toronto Poetry Any All Yes

Barton, Bob

Toronto, Fiction flexible K-8 No

Bass, Karen

Hamilton Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Writing Process Any Ages 10 to adult. Yes

Baxter, Jean Rae

Kingston Fiction, Memoir, Family History Anywhere between eight and one hundred. It depends on the type of presentation. Teen-agers, adults, seniors. But not at the same time. No

Beam, Matt

Toronto Young Adult 75 5 to 8 No

Beasley, David

Simcoe Fiction, Non-Fiction ca 20+ 11-12 No

Beck, Andrea

Caledon East Picture books 65 JK to grade 8 Yes

Becker, Helaine

Toronto Children's fiction and non-fiction, YA any K-9 + Teacher Workshops Yes

Beissel, Henry

Ottawa poetry & drama any size No

Bell, Wade

Calgary Fiction No

Bennett, Carolyn

Brockville Satire and Humour in Writing and Life 10-35 Yes

Berg, Sharon

Charlottetown, NL, A0C 1L0 Poetry, First Nations Education (History) one classroom (up to two classes) or an auditorium grade 2 -12 Yes

Bertin, Johanna

Smithfield biography worksop size 8-10 elementary school students to senior's home residents Yes

Berwick, Dennison

Toronto self-publishing, voyaging, marine diesel systems 2- 20,000 adult No

Bhathena, Tanaz

Mississauga Young Adult, Short Stories 20-60 8-12 No

Binning, Sadhu

Burnaby Punjabi Diaspore Poetry and fiction No

Bishop, Bruce

Halifax Historical Fiction OR Travel & Lifestyle Journalism 10 + (Zoom or In-Person) Adults No

Black, Lucy E.M.

Port Perry Fiction 10-100 High School Yes

Blackwood, Yvonne

Richmond Hill children's literature; short story 8-200 5-8; adults No

Blake, Becky

Toronto novel, short story, creative nonfiction Yes

Bloom, Ronna

Toronto Poetry 10-100 5-12 No

Bogart, Jo Ellen

Guelph, ON Fiction 80 Three grade levels in each talk K-6 Yes

Booker, Jean

Bobcaygeon, ON Fiction flexible 4-6 No

Borkowski, Andrew J.

Toronto Multiculturalism, Creative Writing any No

Borson, Roo

Toronto Poetry, Essays (creative non-fiction) variable 9-12 No

Botha, Danila

Toronto Fiction, literary fiction, novel writing, short stories/short fiction Any size is fine all ages are fine Yes

Boudreau, Helene

Markham Children's No

Bourke, Pat

Toronto YA Historical Fiction 30 to 100 4 and up No

Bow, James

Kitchener fantasy, science fiction, young adult up to 125 5-8 No

Bower, Annette

Regina Women's fiction, Romance unlimited 10-12 No

Braid, Kate

Victoria, BC Poetry or creative non-fiction. In poetry, I teach general poetry classes or specifically focus on writing in poetic forms. Any size Any age, competent reading level, Grade 8 up. No

Brewer, Nic

Kitchener Fiction Any 10-12 Yes

Brewster, Hugh

Toronto Non-fictio No

Brouwer, Sigmund

Rock and Roll Literacy -- using the power of story in all writing up to 400 k-8 Yes

Brown, Sharon

Robert’s Creek, BC Non-Fiction flexible 7-8 No

Brown, Hannah

literary fiction 10-60 11 12 No

Bryant, Jill

Kingston Children's nonfiction, Activity books, Biography 80 K to 11 No

Buchanan, Elizabeth

Salt Spring Island Writing and storytelling Up to 60 K-12 Yes

Burakowski, Ella

Toronto Historical Non-Fiction, specifically the Holocaust Any size - minimum 25 6 through High School No

Burningham, Bradd

Windsor, ON Fiction flexible 3-12 No

Bursey, Jeff

Edmonton Fiction; non-fiction Any size Adults Yes

Burtch, Brian

North Vancouver Social Science Adult, general public, postsecondary No

Burtinshaw, Julie

Vancouver Young Adult, Fiction and non-fiction ten people and up Adults and college students Teenagers Anyone with an interest in writing Yes

Button, Lana

Burlington picture books Yes

Camlot, Heather

Toronto Middle grade, fiction, nonfiction, journalism 30 for workshops, large groups fine for presentations 3 and up Yes

Campbell, Sandra

Toronto Playing with Memory and Imagination 20 7-12 No

Capilongo, Domenico

Toronto Poetry and fiction A group of thirty is best. High School No

Carter, Anne

Toronto, ON Fiction flexbile k-12 Yes

Cassidy, Sean

Mono Picture Books 70 1-12, adults also Yes

Champagne, Lyse

Ottawa Historical fiction, Human rights, Refugee issues 11-12 Yes

Chan, Marty

Edmonton Fiction, theatre, comedy Any K - 12 Yes

Chapman, Susan Margaret

Toronto picture book fiction 30-60 K-4 Yes

Charles, Veronika Martenova

Toronto, ON Fiction Flexible K-8 No

Charles, Norma

Vancouver Picture books and Middle Grade Novels 60-90 Grades 1-7 Yes

Charleson, Karen

TOFINO Fiction Any size Grades 7 and up. Yes

Chiang, Sylv

Pickering middle grade fiction flexible 4-8 No

Chislett, Nancy

Winnipeg fiction Depends prospective writers No

Choyce, Lesley

East Lawrencetown, NS Fiction flexible 4-8 No

Church, Dana

Waterloo Science, STEM Any Any No

Cichosz, Maria

Lakefield Fiction or Non-Fiction Any No

Clark, Richard

Oakville Children's - Chapter Books up to 60 per session 2-5 Yes

Clarke, George Elliott

Toronto, ON Poetry, Non-Fiction 60 9-12 No

Coates, Jan L.

Wolfville children's books 30 kids, grades pre-primary to six No

Comeau, Wendy

Toronto SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational Yes

Conn, Heather

Vancouver/Sunshine Coast Nonfiction; Picture book fiction; creative nonfiction 10 people to 1,000 Kindergarten, grade ones to grade three High school Adults, middle-aged and up Yes

Connelly, Karen

Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry I am fine with small, intimate audiences or large groups. While my writing is considered 'adult' literature, I have material that is engaging to grade school audiences. I've read and workshopped with kids from Kindergarten up to Grade 12. My bk. Touch the Dragon is a high school text in some provinces. Yes

Cook, Gregory M.

Saint John, NB Poetry Flexible 6-12 No

Corr, John

Hamilton Fiction Any Children, adults, aspiring writers, readers. Yes

Cowan, Janice

Burlington children's, adult approx 30 No

Cowley, Christine E.

Southern Ontario Community Oral History 10 - 250 No

Crewe, Megan

Toronto Young Adult fiction Flexible 6-12 No

Crowe, Cathy

Toronto Housing, homelessness, advocacy, public policy, nursing. Varies All. Yes

Crump, Jennifer

Nonfiction, Journalism, Corporate Writing, Careers in Writing Any 2-12 Yes

Cusmano, Domenic

Montreal Creative writing 10-100 General audience No

da costa, paulo

Calgary Fiction and Poetry flexible 6 to 12 No

Dagnino, Arianna

Vancouver Fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, travel writing, reportage & feature stories, academic writing Any size Any age group Yes

Daher, Anita

Winnipeg, MB Children, Juvenile, Young Adult 10-120 K-12 Yes

Dalrymple, Lisa

Fergus, ON Picture Books, Middle Grade Books, non-fiction, Habitat Protection, Early Writing Workshops, Aspiring Authors 100+ (Max. 30 for writers' workshop) K-8 Yes

Dance, Jennifer

Stouffville Young Adult Any size 5-6, 7-8, 9-12 Yes

Davis, Aubrey

Toronto, ON Fiction 100 JK-12 Yes

Dawydiak, Orysia

Union Road Fiction, middle grade, YA Flexible 4 and up Yes

de Ronde, Paula

Burlington Dementia, Alzheimer's, Caregivers, Long Term Care, Advocacy, Public Speaking Variable adult No

De Sa, Anthony

Toronto Creative Writing - Fiction No

de Waard, Sara

Toronto Young Adult - Mental Health, Media Literacy, Writing, Drama <300pp/presentation (min 1 pres. session/day, max. 2 pres. sessions/day) and <30pp/workshop (max. 3 workshop sessions/day) - NOTE: visit includes minimum THREE combined sessions, maximum FOUR combined sessions (e.g. 1 presentation and 3 workshops) Suggested 7 thru 12 No

Dean, Leesa

KRESTOVA Fiction, Poetry Any Any: I have been a guest speaker in elementary, secondary, high schools and post-secondary institutions. Yes

Deckha, Nitin

Toronto; GTA Fiction 5-500 No

Decter, Nora

Winnipeg Fiction, Memoir, Young Adult Adaptable Grade 6 and up Yes

Deed, Jaswant


Deen, Natasha

Edmonton YA, kidlit Flexible (200+) JK-Grade 12 Yes

deGroot, Renny

Port Hope Historical Fiction 10 - 100 7 and up Yes

Delaronde, Deborah

Metis 60 1 - 8 No

Deligoz, Onder

Toronto Reading, storytelling, workshop 5 to 100 1 to 12 Yes

DeLuca, Marjorie

Winnipeg Writing contemporary and historical suspense Any size Adult, 16 years and upwards. Yes

Demchuk, David

Toronto Horror/Literary Less than 500 Grade 10 + Yes

Dempster, Barry

Owen Sound Mixed Up to 20 people No

Denman, K. L.

Delta Fiction Variable Grades 6 through 8 for school groups No

Dickson, Alessia

Toronto Young Adult Fantasy Any Grades 4 to 12 Yes

Ditmars, Hadani

often in transit Creative non-fiction/Narrative Journalism any size Yes

Doctor, Farzana

Toronto Literary Fictrion 10-100 No

Dolman, Anita

Ottawa Writing, literacy, LGBTQ2+ rights 10-1000 Any Yes

Donaher, Sareh

Poetry, Creative non-Fiction, Memoir Grade 1 - Adult Yes

Doose, Dylan

St Catharines fantasy, horror, sword and sorcery any grades 10 and up No

Douglas, Tom

Oakville Canada's Military Heritage; Travel; Memoir Writing Any All Yes

Dowding, Philippa

Toronto A Writer's Life Any size Grades 3 and up, also dependent upon the book discussed Yes

Downie, Mary Alice

Kingston, ON Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry flexible k-12 No

Downie, Glen

Toronto, ON Poetry 20 (wrkshp), 60 (reading) 9-12 Yes

Drabek, Jan

Vancouver, BC Fiction, Memoir, Journalism, 30 9-12 No

Drache, Sharon Abron

Toronto, ON Fiction or literary criticism flexible k-12 No

Drobnies, Adrienne

Vancouver Poetry Any size School age through all adult age groups Yes

Duarte, Marilyn

Toronto Creative Writing, Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Memoir Open to Discussion 7-12 No

Duarte, Isabel

Toronto Playwriting, Screenwriting, Fiction, Non-Fiction Open to Discussion 7-12 No

Dublin, Anne

Toronto historical fiction or biographies 10-60 4-10 (varies according to book) No

Dumas, Jacqueline

Dartmouth Fiction, Memoir Any Adult Yes

Dunleavy, Deborah

Brockville Fiction, storytelling flexible flexible Yes

Dunn, Mark D.

Sault Ste Marie Poetry, Songwriting, Short Fiction 20 max 4 - postsecondary Yes

Dunnion, Kristyn

Toronto General Fiction - Science Fiction/Fantasy flexible Yes

Dunton, Jeremy

Sudbury generating ideas for writing 10-100 grades 4-8 Yes

Dyer, Bernadette

Toronto, ON Fiction flexible 8/up No

Eamer, Claire

Gabriola Island Nonfiction writing for children or adults; picture book Depends on circumstances From pre-school (picture books and some nonfiction) to adult (nonfiction books and approaches to writing nonfiction). No

Echlin, Kim

southern ontario fiction and mythology No

Edgar, Patti

Calgary Middle Grade, YA, Journalism Negotiable Grade 3-12 No

Edwards, Frank B.

Kingston Picture book, juvenile novel, adult non-fiction any size all Yes

Elcock, Michael

Victoria Travel & Anecdotal History, Sport/Recreation, The World of Urban Deer, Tourism, Scotland's Highland Clearances, Migration, Robert Louis Stevenson & the Lepers of Molokai, The Road to the Isles, Poaching, Brushes with Greatness, and much more. Any size Age 6 to 96 - with appropriate subject matter. Yes

Ellis, Deborah

Simcoe, ON YA and Middle-Grade Fiction and Nonfiction no maximum 3-12 No

Elza, Daniela

Vancouver poetry, non-fiction any audience Yes

Eugster, Rachel

Ottawa Children's literature; fiction Yes

Evans Shaw, Susan

Hamilton Non-fiction No

Everest, Beth

Calgary poetry, fiction any any Yes

Eversole, Linda J.

Victoria History, Women No

Falcone, L.M.

Toronto, ON Fiction 90-100 4-8 Yes

Falconer, Tim

Toronto Non-fiction Grade 9 and up No

Farrell Holler, Sue

Grande Prairie Children's/Young Adult Negotiable Typically in groupings of K-Gr 3, Gr 4-5, Gr 7-9, Gr 10-12, adult. Sue is an experienced presenter who enjoys working in mixed groupings of any ages at festivals, conferences and events. Yes

Faryon, Cynthia J.

Weymouth Biography, Canadian History, Fiction Flexible Grade 6 to Adult No

Favro, Terri

Toronto Science fiction and popular science (especially robotics and artificial intelligence) Unlimited Late teens to adult Yes

Ferguson, Trevor

Victoria Literary or mystery/thriller/crime. 10 - 300. Adult. Both literary and crime fiction enthusiasts. No

Fielding, Joy

Toronto Fiction flexible 7-12 No

Firth, John

Whitehorse history/non-fiction/the art of independent publishing any size No

Flather, Patti

Whitehorse Fiction, playwriting variable Grade 4 and up Yes

Florczak, Margaret Jean Adam

Surrey & Sooke Poetry, short stories, memoir any 8-12 No

Födi, Lee Edward

Vancouver Juvenile Fiction 30-300 K-8 No

Frans, Atma

Gibsons poetry, memoir and fiction any adults No

Fraticelli, Marco

Pointe Claire haiku 25 adults No

Freeman, Bill

Toronto, ON Fiction 120 5-8 No

Frizzell, Colin

Toronto, ON Young Adult/Teen/Screenplays 75 max. (for presentations) 30 max. (for workshops) 5 and up Yes

Gabriel, Maryanna

Qualicum Beach Creative Nonfiction/Travel Unlimited All ages No

Gage, S. R.

Huntsville History 25+ 18+ No

Gajdics, Peter

Vancouver Nonfiction 20+ Adults No

Galat, Joan Marie

Greater Edmonton Region Fiction and Nonfiction (including STEM and STEAM content with a focus on astronomy) 75 or negotiable Sessions available for all grades, mixed groups, family audiences, and adults. Yes

Gale, Shawn

Vancouver Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure. I can read to any audience size. All audiences. No

Gates, Michael

Whitehorse Popular history 5 to 500 Primarily adult audiences, but i have spoken to classes in the upper grades No

Gauer, Kathleen

Toronto Picture Books up to approximately 75 children - power point for larger groups Kindergarten to Grades 2/3 No

Giangrande, Carole

Toronto, ON fiction and poetry No

Gill, Stephen

Cornwall, ON Poetry, Non-Fiction flexible 7-12 No

Giron, Sephera

Etobicoke Horror/Space Opera/General Fiction/Writing Flexible Flexible No

Giuliano, David

Marathon Spirituality, Writing, Healthcare-Patient Perspective, story telling. Have spoken at events for audiences of 15 to 3,500 Adults, healthcare workers, writers, spiritual seekers, cancer patients and family Yes

Glenn-Copeland, Elizabeth

Parrsboro Fiction / Poetry / Playwriting / Personal Essays / Speech Writing Minimum 6 / Maximum 20 per class 4 - 12 Yes

Glickman, Susan

Toronto, ON Poetry, fiction, literary criticism, journalism any any No

Godkin, Celia

Frankville, ON Information story book 30-100 k-6 No

Gordon, Laurie

South Frontenac YA, Historical Fiction 12- 40 Grade 6-12 Adults, Seniors No

Gordon, Katherine Palmer

Gabriola Literary non-fiction Unlimited Adults/high school seniors Yes

Graham, Genevieve

historical fiction 10+ Adult and Grade 8+ No

Graham, Dr. Olga

Schomberg non-fiction any size My audience has been university level. No

Graham, Catherine

Toronto Poetry, Fiction Flexible 4-12 No

Granados, Marlowe

Fiction, Memoir Any 9-12 No

Granfield, Linda

Toronto non-fiction for adults and young readers negotiable Adults--historical societies, university classes, conferences, panels, etc Young readers--Grades 4-8, upper grades can be added No

Grant, Joyce

Hamilton How to Spot Fake News; Critical Thinking 0-200 Grades 4-7, 8+ Yes

Grant, Vicki

Halifax Children's and Young Adult Up to 150 (but please - not in gyms or cafeterias) 5 through 12 Yes

Gray, Anne

Fiction 60 No

Greenwood, Barbara

Don Mills, ON Fiction &Non-Fiction 75 3-8 No

Gregersen, Leif

Edmonton Poetry/Creative Writing/Mental Health coping and recovery/addiction recovery Have extensive experience speaking to everything from 6 person staff meetings to University Lecture Halls as well as larger audiences with radio and television K-12 Yes

Gruending, Dennis

Ottawa Non-fiction Any Adult and post-secondary student No

Guest, Jacqueline

Qualicum Beach History 100 4-12 No

Gugler, Laurel Dee

Toronto, ON Children's Fiction, Novel & picture books flexible jk-6 Yes

Gunnery, Sylvia

Crescent Beach, NS fiction 60/ 20 2-12 Yes

Hagen, Jamella

whitehorse Poetry, fiction, nonfiction Variable Adults Yes

Hahn, Lindsay

Calgary Fantasy fiction, middle grade 15 to 500 Middle grade (grades 3 to 7) Yes

Haigh, Jerry

Wildlife; Africa; Veterinary Medicine; Adventure; No

Hall, Phil

PERTH poetry No

Halton, Carissa

Edmonton Keynote, Workshop up to 500 junior high and high schoolers, Conferences and professional development No

Hancock, Pat

Toronto non-fiction, short stories 25-45 No

Hancock, Lyn

Lantzville, BC Non-Fiction Flexible 4 and up Yes

Harbord, Heather

Powell River Travel, Natural History, Sea Kayaking, History of the BC Coast, Antarctica and the Arctic. Large or small Adults No

Harlick, Robin

fiction 10-200 9-12 Yes

Harris, Kate

Atlin Travel, memoir, nonfiction 10-1000 4-12 Yes

Hartley, Julie

Toronto Fiction, Playwriting, Poetry 10-100 5-8 Yes

Harvey Steski, Carol

Toronto poetry No

Haworth-Attard, Barbara

London YA and middle-grade no limit ages 5 to 17 Yes

Haynes, Elizabeth

Calgary presentation to book clubs 20 book clubs, adult No

Haynes, Diane

Vancouver YA Any 4-12 Yes

Heartfield, Kate

Ottawa How Stories Matter any 7 to 12 Yes

Heffron, Dorris

Toronto adult fiction and young adult fiction classroom, book club, public assembly adults university or high school students No

Henderson, Keith

Montreal West Fiction Age 16 and up Yes

Herrera, Mia

Fiction Yes

Hetherington, Victoria

Toronto Drama; Fiction; Creative Nonfiction Flexible 6 - 12 Yes

Hicks, Caitlin

Roberts Creek Keynote speech 10 - 500 Adults and Young Adults (grades 11, 12 and up) who read. The accompanying workshop is for those who want to explore writing their life adventures and stories, from private moments to significant events - either into fiction, or literary non-fiction. No

Hobsbawn-Smith, dee

creative nonfictoin, poetry, fiction No

Hodge, Deborah

Vancouver. BC children's nonfiction and picture books 2-3 classes in schools and libraries; more at conferences Most suitable for Grades 1-7, but can speak to any age group Yes

Hoff, Andrea

Vancouver Speculative comics; Graphic memoir; Visual writing 5-500 School-aged children, youth, and adults Yes

Holt, Faye Reineberg

Calgary Fiction, Nonfiction and History Please consult, most range from small groups to large library and convention audiences Adult creative writing and Canadian history groups No

Homel, David

Montreal, QC Fiction, Non-Fiction flexible 9-12 No

Honeybourn, Jennifer

Stratford middle grade, young adult, romance, horror, humour 25-30 4-10 No

Hoque, Shahanaz

Mississauga Poem, inspirational song, motivational speech, Art open Jk to Adult Yes

Hudson, Allan

Dieppe Action/adventure. Crime fiction. Historical Fiction. Short Stories Any Any Yes

Hughes, Susan

Toronto Children's 25 - 70 1 - 6 Yes

Huizinga Mills, Carolyn

Kitchener Picture Book Flexible K-8 No

Hunter, Bruce

Toor hill Fiction, poetry, essay, life writing. 1-100 Teens to seniors Yes

Hutsell-Manning, Linda

Cobourg, ON Fiction, memoir, poetry, playwriting, juvenile novels, picture books 30-35 Kindergarten to Grade 3 - picture books and play creation Grade 4 to 6 or 7 - time-travel novels, play writing Grade 7 to 12 - short stories, novel, play writing Adult - Fiction, memoir, poetry, play writing, juvenile novels, picture books Yes

Jailall, Peter

Mississauga and Toronto Poetry Variable 2 to 12 No

Jennings, Peter

Midland Non-fiction 10 and up any No

Jennings, Sharon

Toronto Children's 50- ish Yes

Johnson, Terry

Whitefish Falls middle grade fiction 2 - 8 Yes

Johnson, Naj

Brampton Children and Poetry 100 My Magnificent Hair Presentation is geared for all ages. I Come As I Am Reflections in Verses Presentation is geared towards high school, college, university students and adults. Yes

Johnston, Simon

Vancouver Historical Fiction 12 and up 10 and up No

Joyce, Mere

Antigonish Young Adult, Middle Grade, Creative Writing Any 5-12 No

Kacer, Kathy

Toronto Historical fiction and non-fiction 125 4-8 Yes

Kafarowski, Joanna

Victoria Polar Studies, History, Geography, Women's Studies Any high school, college or university level No

Kakakaway, Robert

Whitecap Non-fiction - Residential schools 25 to 30 High school, Postsecondary, and Adults No

Kalman, Judith

Toronto Creative non-fiction open open No

Kaner, Etta

Toronto Non-fiction 60 4 - 6 No

Karibyan, Gary

Fantasy, Horror and Thriller Any fantasy and horror thriller fans above 16 years of age. No

Kasaboski, Tracy

Memoir Any Any No

Kasper, Vancy

Toronto, ON Fiction, Poetry 30-60 4-12 No

Kawatski, Deanna

Celista memoir, fiction & children's literature any size All levels. No

Keith, Julie

fiction No

Kellerhals-Stewart, Heather

Heriot Bay, BC Fiction 60 k-8 No

Kelly, Anne C.

Historical Fiction 4-7 No

Kennedy, Fred W.

Historical Fiction No

Kerbel, Deborah

Thornhill YA and Middle Grade up to 100 4-8 No

Kessler, Deirdre

Toronto and environs children's fiction and adult poetry any size is fine Yes

Khan, Rukhsana

Toronto, ON Fiction 100 k-12 Yes

Kirk, Heather

Barrie, ON Fiction, Non-Fiction 45 9-12 No

Kirzner-Priest, Eli

Kamakura, Japan Creative writing and/or Japan and/or science fiction Any Adult Yes

Kleiber, Marilyn

Fantasy and Myth Up 200 people 16 and up Yes

Kohanyi, Julius

Toronto fiction, science fiction, fantasy flexible No

Korman, Gordon

Thornhill, ON Fiction Unlimited 3-10 Yes

Körner, Miriam

Air Ronge Young Adult and Picture Book max. 60 k-12 Yes

Kusugak, Michael

Arnes Children's Literature 70 - 100 age dependant Yes

Kuyek, Joan Newman

Ottawa non-fiction can vary 10-13 Yes

Lakoseljac, Bianca

Tiny Fiction: novels, short stories. Poetry. Essay writing. 10+ TBA Yes

Lam, Fiona Tinwei

Vancouver Poetry any size Grad 4/5 to adult No

Lapointe, Annette

Grande Prairie short fiction, novels (literary and slipstream) any My work is appropriate for older teens and adults. Yes

Larsen, Andrew

toronto Picture Book Any K-6 No

Lawson, Julie

Victoria, BC Childrens Fiction 60-75 k-6 No

Lazurko, Anne

Weyburn Fiction /Non-fiction 6-12 Adult: ages 16 to 100 Yes

Leavey, Peggy Dymond

Trenton, ON Fiction 70-100 4-8 No

Leck, James

Dartmouth Young Adult 20-200 4-12 No

Lee, Day's

Brossard Fiction No

Lee, John B.

Brantford, ON Ficiton, Poetry flexible k-12 No

Leedahl, Shelley A.

Ladysmith mini-drama, poetry, fiction K-12 No

Lendrum, Bonnie

Carlisle Palliative Care, Aging, Literacy 10-300 Adult Yes

Leslie, Mark

Waterloo Ghost Stories Any 5 through 12 No

Leventoyannis Harvey, Stella

Whistler Fiction Any Any age group for adults and for children, grades 10 to 12. No

Levy, Myrna Neuringer

Toronto, ON Fiction 50 2-8 No

Levy, Joanne

Clinton Middle Grade Fiction Varies 4 - 8 No

Lewis, Amanda

Perth Writing for children and young adults 100+ Ages 9 - adult Yes

Lindquist, N. J.

Markham mystery, teen fiction, fantasy, journalism negotiable No

Lohans, Alison

Regina, SK Fiction 100 K-through high school Yes

London, Erica

Oshawa children No limit Intended age groups: 3-13 years old Grades: JK- 8 Yes

Londry, Jennifer

Kingston Poetry, fiction, non-fiction 10-200 Mature Audience. May contain emotional content that may not be suitable for young listeners. No

Loughead, Deb

Toronto, ON Children’s and YA fiction, children’s poetry flexible k-12 Yes

Love, K. Ann

King City, ON (short drive to Toronto, Peel, York) Children's Non-Fiction 75 (w/ teachers) 3-12 Yes

Ludwig, Sidura

Fiction any size - I am confortable in a classroom setting, or a larger group 3 and up Yes

MacDonald, Hugh

Brudenell, PEI Poetry, Fiction, Childrens' Picture Books Flexible k-12 Yes

MacDonald, Mary

Mary Literary Readings No Limit Adults No

MacDonald, Tanis

Waterloo manuscript preparation 10-50 adult learners No

MacKay, Carol L.

Poetry, writing for children Small groups K-Gr. 3; adults No

MacKay, Elly

Owen Sound Picture Books upto 90 students JK - 5 No

MacKinnon, Renny

Bewdley Historical 10 to 100 7 and up Yes

MacLean, Stella

Riverview Suspense, Romance Any High school and beyond No

MacLean, Wendy

Brockville Poetry reading; nature and spirit; exploring creativity; poetry and healing; drawing from the depths of soul; any size. Adult, or young adults exploring their creativity; developing their own voice Yes

Macpherson, Margaret

Deep River Fiction, memoir, non fiction, poetry All sizes Young adult and adult. Can work with younger children Yes

MacSkimming, Roy

Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto areas Fiction and non-fiction Any No

Madott, Darlene


Maitland, Colette

Gananoque Fiction Flexible Grades 4-12 No

Manson, Ainslie

Bowen Island Fiction, Non-Fiction Flexible k-8 No

Marjerrison, Lara Margaret

Toronto Poetry & Spoken Word Any 6 through 12, College Yes

Marlatt, Daphne

Vancouver poetry, fiction, essay No

Marshall, Yolanda T

Toronto CARIBBEAN/AFRICAN Picture Books Any All ages Yes

Maruno, Jennifer

Burlington Fiction 30-75 3-10 Yes

Mason, Adrienne

Vancouver Island Non-fiction, Children's Writing Approx. 100 K to Adult Yes

Matthews, Cynthia

CHESLEY writing short fiction 15-60 -adult -people who enjoy short fiction and those who might aspire to trying to write short fiction No

Maviglia, Joseph


Maylor, Micheline

Calgary/Canmore poetry, writing style, and non-fiction any Any No

McCann, James

Vancouver Young Adult Fiction Any 5-adult Yes

McCracken, Hugh T.

Ottawa, ON Young adult and Adult Fiction variable 4-12 No

McDonnell, Kathleen

Toronto, ON Drama, Fiction/Non-Fiction 30 4-12 No

McIlhone, Donald

Port Hood Creative Writing No limit. High School and Post-Secondary levels. Yes

McKay, Sharon E.

Charlottetown Fiction, non fiction, commercial writing Flexible Flexible Yes

McLellan, Stephanie

Newmarket Picture Books, Mid Grade 50-60 K-3 (for picture books); Grade 5-8 (for mid grade novel) Yes

McLeod, Heather

Thunder Bay children's literature 10+ children, parents and their educators, toddlers to teens (tailored to suit audience) Yes

McMaster, Margaret J.

Kingsville Children's Literature Up to 35, in a classroom, library, or bookstore setting. Ages 8 to 12 Yes

McNicoll, Sylvia

Burlington, ON fiction, non-fiction 60-200 Grades 3-6 or grades 6-8. High school Creative Writing Yes

Melanson, Arlene Evelyn

Ridgetown Childrens Books, easy reader, environmental, lessons on sharing any Pre- Kindergarden -grade 3 No

Methot, Suzanne

Gabriola Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Memoir Small Group, Large Group Grades 4-12, Post-Secondary, Adult Literacy No

Meyrick, Rich

New Dundee Middle-grade combining fact with fiction flexible 4-8 Yes

Midgley, Peter

Edmonton Poetry, Fiction, Storytelling, Leadership Max. 60 K-12; Adult No

Miller, Ruth

Toronto, ON Rhyming Text 30 k-3 No

Mills, Jean

Guelph Young Adult/Middle Grade/Children's Fiction and Writing Skills Flexible Grades 3-12 Adult No

Mills, Judith Christine

Toronto "The Author/ Illustrator" 10-40 ( can discuss if more - ie. auditorium presentations) 4-12 No

Mills-Milde, Valerie

London literary and contemporary fiction 30 to 60 9 -12 No

Mirolla, Michael

Hamilton Novels/Short Story Writing/Poetry 30 No

Moga, Irina

Toronto Poetry 20-300 Public at large. No

Molavi, Fereshteh

Toronto Fiction Secondary Schools Yes

Moore, Christopher

Toronto, ON Non-Fiction, Canadian History flexible 6-12 No

Mordecai, Pamela

TORONTO poetry, fiction Any adults and children, all school grades, Yes

Mossallanejad, Ezat

Toronto Torture, trauma, human rights, tyranny, religion, Islam, LGBTQI, war, genocide, refugee protection, exile, crimes against humanity, impunity, story-telling, Farsi literature, disability, children's rights, and satire Any size Any age group, any reading level or grades Yes

Mulder, Michelle

Victoria children's fiction (picture books / early readers) 5-90 No

Mulholland, David

Ottawa historical fiction 30? 10 to 12 Yes

Munro, Jane

VANCOUVER Poetry, Memoir I've read poetry to very large audiences, but - if the presentation is interactive - I prefer to engage with a smaller group. Adult University School - elementary and secondary No

Munteanu, Nina

Toronto science fiction & fantasy, general fiction, creative nonfiction, eco-fiction, climate fiction, cli-fi all sizes secondary and up Yes

Mutala, Marion

Saskatoon any any No

Nash, Peta-Gaye

Mississauga Literary, Caribbean, Children's Lit 200 for presentations, 30 for workshops kindergarten to Grade 12 No

Nesbitt, Karen

Montreal Writing for Young Adults, Memoir, Memoir for Teens, Mini-Memoir, Creative Non-Fiction Any Size All ages 12-adult, including seniors Yes

Nicholas, Kumudini

Ottawa Standard: Memoir Have done presentations to a range of audiences from the small to the very large. Adults and Young Adults. Reading Level - grade 9 and above No

Nickel, Barbara

Yarrow Poetry up to 200 Adults Yes

Norris, Daniela I.

Montreal Fiction, Non Fiction 100 adults interested in inspired fiction and non fiction and/or historical fiction for teens ages 12-17 Yes

Nyoka, Gail

Toronto Stage plays, creative writing, storytelling Negotiable 4 - 7 Yes

O'Keeffe, Frank

Calgary Fiction 150 4-8 No

Okun Hill, Debbie

Poetry Yes

Orford, Emily-Jane Hills

North Gower Canadian history 20-30 3 and up No

Ottoni, Christine

Toronto Fiction, Poetry 30 for workshops 7-12 No

Oughton, John

Toronto Poetry 36 Grade 5 and up No

Papamarko, Sofi

Toronto Fiction (short story writing), Non-Fiction (personal essay writing) 5 - 500 6 - 12 No

Parmar, Kalwant Singh Nadeem

Poetry, Fiction No

Pateman, Annette

Children's Picture Book, fiction, Negotiable K1- k7 Yes

Paterson, Pamela

Kingston nonfiction unlimited Yes

Patkau, Karen

Toronto Information Picturebooks maximum 80 K to 6 No

Patz, Deborah S.

Coquitlam Fiction, Screenplay, Visual storytelling (filmmaking) flexible Grades 6 - 12 No

Peacock, Shane

Cobourg Fiction/Non-F (YA & adult), plays, journalism, tv 200 4-8 No

Peck, Frances

North Vancouver Author talk and reading Any size Adult readers or writers, especially of literary fiction Yes

Peetoom, Laura

Toronto Children's literature 35 or fewer K-5 and 6-12 Yes

Penne, A. S.

Sechelt Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, Screen/Stageplay unlimited (workshop maximum: 10-12) all (K - adult) No

Perry, Daniel

Toronto fiction any Yes

Peterson, Shelley

TBA YA fiction any 6 to 9 No

Peterson, Lois

Nanaimo Children's fiction, creative writing, storytelling 15-200 Yes

Phillips, Wendy

Gabriola Island Poetry as the voice of adolescence, The Creative Process, 50-100 Ages 10 to adult Yes

Pignat, Caroline

Fiction No

Pirani, Ayaz

Poetry As appropriate 7-12 Yes

Pitawanakwat, Kenn

Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve fiction,non-fiction, memoir, Indigenous, Ottawa Language/culture any size 1-12 baccalaureate, post baccalaureate - PH.d. Yes

Pitt, Steve

Rutherglen Non-Fiction and Fiction Twenty to Fifty per session Six to Twelve Yes

Pomeroy, Jamila

Vancouver Creative Non Fiction, Poetry, Essay Writing, Canadian Black history 30- full auditorium. Grades 8 to 12 No

Porter, Helen Fogwill

St. John’s, NFLD Fiction, Non-Fiction 30 7-8 No

Powell, Marie

Regina Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction 5-15 people Adults, Young Adults, Grades 6-12 Yes

Prain, Leanne

Vancouver, BC Craft or creativity 25-100 Ages 16+, basic reading level No

Prashaw, Rick

Ottawa Memoirs, Storytelling 20-1,000 Any high school, college/university, general public, social agencies, human rights, faith, LGBTQ No

Priest, Robert

poetry, YA novels, songs From small groupings to an auditorium full age-appropriate material for any age jk - post secondary Yes

Principe, Concetta

Toronto Non-fiction, Creative non-Fiction and poetry No

Prins, Marie

Colborne readings from my novel Virtual for 2022 children, adult No

Quattrocchi, Marina

Smiths Falls Dreams/Ethical Psychology no limit No

Read, Janet

Toronto Fiction, Poetry flexbile 5-12 No

Reaume, Marilyn

Stoney Creek Children's Poetry 300 Age 8-14 Yes

Reidel, Marion

Guelph Short Fiction 15 - 30 9 - 12 No

Rempel, Al

Prince George Poetry 30 8-12 Yes

Revelle, Rick

Napanee Historical Fiction - 1300's Pre-contact Canada Any size Grades JK to 12 Yes

Reyes, Cynthia

Two Genres: Children's Illustrated Books and Memoirs Up to 20 K to 5 (children's books) and high school (memoirs) No

Ritchie, Rob

Wiarton literary fiction, any size writing conferences/retreats, cross-over literary-music events, book launches, book clubs No

Rivera, Patria

Toronto Poetry Any size 5-12 No

Roberts Lukins, Sheilah

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Children's Literature any children ages 7 and up No

Rodgers, Margaret

Oshawa on ZOOM - poems and coming of age chronicles, also readings from Locating Alexandra, my book open High school No

Roitman, Gina

St-Colomban Historical Fiction, Memoir writing 15- 150 Adults, Seniors Yes

Romanek, Trudee

Barrie, ON Non-fiction, research 50 All Yes

Romanuk, Paul

Toronto Sports and/or sports broadcasting any 1-6 Yes

Rose, Rachel

All genres, all ages--all good No

Rosenbaum, Bev

Toronto Middle grade and young adult contemporary Can tailor to any size! Can tailor presentations to middle school or high school students. Yes

Rosenblum, Rebecca

Toronto Fiction any No

Ross, Stuart

Will travel. Poetry, Fiction Any No

Rowntree, Lenore

Vancouver Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Writing Tough Topics 10 - 60 6 - 12 No

Roy, Zoë S.

Toronto Literary fiction up to 20 Adults Yes

Ruurs, Margriet

Children's Any K - 7 No

Saba, Maria

Ottawa Fiction, creative nonfiction, fairytales and fabels 5 to 100 1 to 12 (6 years up) Yes

Sadler, Judy-Ann

London Stories, creativity, crafts 50-60 JK-Grade 6 Yes

Sawyer, Don

Any children's; YA any No

Scarsbrook, Richard

Toronto Fiction, Poetry Any Adult, Teen, Middle Grade Yes

Schafrick, Ron

Toronto Fiction. Short Stories, LGBTQI2S any high school and up No

Scharper, Hilary

Toronto Lecture/Presentation any size I have given talks to high-school and university groups, public audiences, as well as reading groups. Yes

Schwartz, Ellen

Burnaby, BC Fiction, Non-Fiction 60 3-8 No

Scrimger, Richard

Toronto Fiction flexible k-8 No

Sevestre, Paula

Ohsweken Mind, Body and Spirit 5-500 Target Audience - Women Aged 30-70 Reading Level - Grade 8 and Up No

Sewell, Anna Marie

Edmonton Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction negotiable 7 - 12 No

Shaben, Carol

Vancouver Creative nonfiction, literary journalism any Middle & High School, University, General Public Yes

Sher, Emil

Young adult fiction, picture books, stage plays Flexible Grade 1 - 12 Yes

Shields, Vanessa

Windsor Poetry, Fiction, Creativity, Memoir, Idea Generation Any I can adapt my presentations to meet the age/reading level/grade needed, including shifting presentations to match curriculum. Yes

Shmelzer, Anne

Ottawa fiction up to fifty 11 and 12 No

Shortell, Ann

Toronto Coming of Age; Women’s Fiction; Multicultural; Historical; Mystery; any any No

Sibbald, Barbara

Ottawa fiction, editing 20 Adult learners Yes

Silver, Eve

St. Catharines YA/fiction/ flexible 7-12 No

Silver, Erin

Toronto COVID-19 Pandemic, nonfiction for kids, fiction writing for kids any 3-6 Yes

Silverthorne, Judith

Regina Children's Literature, Adventure, Time Travel any 3-12 No

Skidmore, Patricia

Nanaimo Canadian history any size 6-12 No

Skrypuch, Marsha

Brantford YA, middle-grade novels, picture books. negotiable k to adult Yes

Slaven, Marissa

Hamilton YA eco-fiction flexible 7-12 Yes

Smith, Heather T.

Children's, Young Adult 150 for presentations, 30 for workshops JK- grade 12 No

Smith, John M.

Carrying Place, ON Non-Fiction 35 3-12 No

Smith, Steven Ross

Banff Poetry, fiction, non-fiction 40 all No

Sneyd, Lola

Toronto, ON Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry 30 k-8 No

Snow, Jennifer

Edmonton Romance or Thriller 1-100 10-12 Yes

Sobat, Gail Sidonie

Edmonton YA Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry; Literary Fiction, Poetry (adults) negotiable Grades 4-6, 7-12, Adults Yes

Soles, Caro

Toronto Literary, sf or mystery Any size People who love tonread. Usually adults. No

Somerville, Janet

Toronto Literary nonfiction: Gellhorn & Hemingway in the 1930s/1940s; WWII women war correspondents; Martha Gellhorn's social justice writing Any size Grade 6 & up Yes

Sorochinsky, Jo

Ottawa Memoir/Historical/Holocaust Any Secondary school and adult Yes

Spenst, Kevin

Vancouver poetry; lyric essay; micro-fiction/flash fiction any size adults No

Spracklin, Floyd

Corner Brook Young Adult Fiction 50 All ages No

Spring, Debbie

Toronto, ON Juvenile & Young Adult Fiction, and Picture books flexible JK-12 No

Stachniak, Eva

TORONTO Historical fiction 20 and up Adults Yes

Stapley, Marissa

Toronto Fiction Any size Any grade Yes

Staunton, Ted

Port Hope Fiction flexible K-12 Yes

Stern, Reva Leah

Toronto mystery novel not an issue Not for children younger than teen-aged. No

Stevenson, Robin

Victoria YA and children's fiction any No

Stewart, Donna

South Bruce Peninsula Fiction 60 3-8 No

Stinson, Kathy

Rockwood Fiction, Children's, Young Adult 60 1-12 Yes

Stonier-Newman, Lynne

Kamloops BC early developmental history from colonial administrators' perspectives and my books include much non-indigenous and BC indigenous history prefer smaller groups of 20 or under but have experience with up to 80 listeners Grade 10 up to seniors' groups New Canadians Guest speaker for not-for-profit societies No

Strube, Cordelia

Toronto Literary Fiction 5-25 No

Sulaiman, Sonia

Windsor Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction Flexible K-12 No

Swan, Dane

Toronto Poetry/Spoken Word Poetry Prefer classrooms, but flexible Flexible No

Taekema, Sylvia

Chatham Children's fiction However many fit comfortably in the room you've chosen 1-8 No

Tamberg, Urve

Toronto Historical fiction (WWII) and non-fiction (writing) flexible 7 to adult Yes

Tanaka, Shelley

Kingston MG/YA non-fiction, essay writing Max. 30 for workshop 5 and up Yes

Tarnopolsky, Damian

Toronto Fiction/Reflective writing 20-100 7-12 Yes

Taylor, Jowi

Toronto Canadian history and diversity, multiculturalism, reconciliation, music. Mostly full-school assemblies of whatever size. Additional classroom or club special visits also available in addition. 4-12 Yes

Theis, Leona

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Fiction, memoirs, personal essays Readers and writers. Yes

Thierry Llewellyn, Joy

Pender Island Screenwriting, Young Adult, Travel Writing, Memoir No limit, have presented from 10-500 people Elementary to high school, college to writing groups to film/TV/writing events No

Thomas, H. Nigel

Greenfield Park Fiction and poetry any size Adolescents and adults Yes

Thompson, Ron

Toronto Fiction (satire, historical). Reading or discussion of my work or inspiration Any Any Yes

Thornhill, Jan

Ontario children's non-fiction and picture books max. 50 No

Thornhill Verma, Jenn

Ottawa creative nonfiction (history, memoir, narrative); can include an art element any 3-6 Yes

Tilley, Sara

St. John's Fiction, playwriting Adults, writers, teens No

Toews, Mitchell

Rennie/Trearty 1 and 3 lands: In the boreal forest just north of the Fiftieth latitude in eastern Manitoba. Situated on Métis land: Anishinabe Waki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ Fiction Small Emerging writers beginning or re-commencing a writing career later in life. Yes

Toffanello, Paul

Vancouver, BC / New Liskeard, ON Middle Grade Fiction & Juvenile Fiction 5-500 Classroom/Student groups from grades 4-8 for middle grade fiction. Ages 9-13 Classroom/student groups from grades 1-3 for juvenile fiction. Ages 6-8 Yes

Topperman, Caroline

Writing - General Any 10+ No

Toten, Teresa

Toronto Young Adult (YA) 30 to 300 7 to 12 No

Tregebov, Rhea

Vancouver poetry, fiction, picture books up to 200 kindergarten to 12 Yes

Tsabari, Ayelet

Toronto Fiction, Creative Non-fiction Any 6-12 No

Tsiang, Sarah

Kingston Picture Books, Children's Non-Fiction, Poetry Any No

Tucker, Heather

Ajax Popular Fiction Any General, teens to seniors Yes

Tysdal, Daniel Scott

Poetry, Fiction, and Screenwriting (Short Film) 10-200 Kindergarten to Grade 12 No

Ulrich, Maureen

Lampman Young Adult 300 6 - 12 No

Upjohn, Rebecca

Toronto. ON Children's fiction and non-fiction 60-ish/somewhat flexible K-6 Yes

Vermond, Kira

Guelph Creative, fun, thoughtful non-fiction Any size (although groups that are 12-50 students work best) 3-8 No

Verstraete, Larry

Winnipeg Non-Fiction negotiable 3-8 No

Wagner, Bernadette

Treaty 4, Regina Poetry, Spoken Word, Nonfiction, YA 3+ Any No

Walker, Ruth E.

Oshawa Fiction and Poetry Classroom or combined classrooms 7 to 12 No

Wallace, Jade

Windsor Collaborative Poetry Any Any Yes

Wallace, Ian

Brookline, Massachusetts Fiction 100 K-12 No

Walsh, Ann

Williams Lake, BC Fiction & Non-Fiction 75 4-12 No

Walsh, Susan

Wakefield Fiction and Non-Fiction As requested Depends on request Yes

Walters, Eric

Guelph Fiction/Non-fiction/Novels/Picture Books/First Chapter Books/ 50 - 200 k - 12 Yes

Waltner-Toews, David

Kitchener, ON Non-Fiction, Poetry, Fiction flexible 9-12 No

Watt, Kelly

Hamilton, Ontario Walking Meditation 100 6-12 No

Wearing, Judy

Kingston/Belleville - will travel Nonfiction any Yes

Westcott, Frank

Alliston many any any Yes

Westerhof, Patricia

Toronto Fiction: Editing Skills ten to thirty 8-12 No

White, Susan

Young Adult Fiction 10-100 4-12 Yes

Whitson, Audrey J.

Edmonton Fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama any size Teenagers to adults No

Wickenden, Dave

Sudbury Fiction 20-30 9-12 Yes

Wilson, Janet

Eden Mills near Guelph creative nonfiction and picture book fiction and nonfiction flexible K-12 Yes

Wilson, John

Vancouver, Victoria Historical Fiction/ writing flexible 5 to 10 Yes

Wilton Katz, Welwyn

London Children’s & YA Fiction, postcard stories unlimited, if good site 5 and up (adults too) Yes

Wimsett, David

Kentville All Up to 20 Beginning to experienced writers - teens to adults Yes

Winstanley, Nicola

Hamilton Picture Book Any size JK-5 No

Winter, Wendy

Squamish Young children to aspiring writers Any Wendy Winter, M.Ed., is an experienced teacher who has enjoyed working with every age student group from Kindergarten through to grade 12 and even university. Consequently, she can skillfully adjust the presentation to the group's grade and needs. Yes

Winters, Kari-Lynn

St. Catharines Children's Literature, Drama, Non-Fiction, Picturebooks, Poetry Up to 500 Toddlers, Children, Teens, Adults Yes

Wishinsky, Frieda

Toronto picture books, children's fiction and non-fiction 60-120 No

With, Cathleen

Vancouver Fiction Writing, Workshop, Story telling, Young Adult writing 3-500 7-12, university Yes

Withers, Pam

Vancouver adventure, survival, sports no limit 4th grade and up No

Wolf-Heffner, Lori

Waterloo Workshop on the editing process, using real manuscript drafts. 5-35 5+ No

Wood, Maggie L.

London, ON YA Fantasy 75 4-12 Yes

Wood, Heather J.

Toronto Young Adult/Adult Crossover 8 and up No

Wood Barrett, Rebecca

Whistler middle grade fiction or adult writing workshops any Book Presentations for Schools & Libraries Age 9-12, Grades 4-6 Creative Writing Workshops: All Ages | Genres: fiction, non-fiction, children's writing, screenwriting Yes

Woodward, Caroline

New Denver and/or Parksville in 2022 Fear & Imagination for children, Excerpts from fiction or memoir with or without slides for adults 20 to 425+, depending on age and format Yes

Wylie, Bettyjane

Toronto, ON Drama, Fiction, Non-F., Poetry, Tales, Film 30 plus K-12 Yes

Yeung, Catherine

Vancouver Poetry, creative nonfiction, LGBTQ+, Asian Canadian Any Age group: Adults No

Yin, Anna

Mississauga Poetry Alive 10-100 3-12 or adults No

Young, Dianne

Martensville Picture Books up to 70 K-4 No

Yuan-Innes, Melissa

Fiction (mystery/thriller, fantasy, science fiction), non-fiction (health and medicine because I'm an emergency doctor; travel; memoir); humour; from picture books to Derringer-nominated whodunits, for all ages Flexible JK-univeristy Yes

Zimmermann, Werner

Guelph writing and illustrating children's books <75 4-12 Yes

Zonailo, Carolyn

Montreal, QC Poetry 45 4-12 No

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