Publishing 2.0 - Tips & Traps Workshop

Publishing 2.0 was presented in nine cities across Canada in 2014-15, and the feedback says it all:

"Excellent."   "Comprehensive."   "Informed and witty."   "Experience-rich."   "Inspiring!"


Originally presented as a full-day workshop, Publishing 2.0 - Tips & Traps is now available as an 83-minute video. Whether you are an aspiring, emerging, or established writer, the ever-changing publishing landscape can be daunting. To acquire the skills you need today to successfully approach traditional and/or independent publishing, this video is the place to start.

This video offers you not only know-how but confidence, and an expanded and inspired sense of what it means to be an independent writer in today's world.

Carloline Adderson Mary W. Walters
TWUC member and award-winning author Caroline Adderson presents the Traditional Path to Publication: TWUC member, traditionally published, AND self-published author Mary W. Walters speaks to the growing practice of Independent Publication:
  • working with an agent (how this relationship may be changing)
  • keys to a successful submission
  • contract terms for print and electronic rights
  • working with an in-house editor
  • involvement in the publishing process
  • working with an in-house publicist
  • print on demand and e-book formats
  • being your own editor or hiring an editor
  • managing your digital rights
  • the importance of metadata
  • doing the design work
  • pricing and selling/distribution
  • self-promotion


Purchase the video online using PayPal or email for alternative payment methods. Once we receive notification of your purchase through PayPal, we will send you details on how to access the video. The video is split into Part 1 and Part 2, and will be sent in two separate emails, which you will receive within two business days of purchase.

This presentation was part of TWUC’s Professional Development Workshop Series, a program made possible with assistance from the Department of Canadian Heritage, through the Canada Book Fund. Its purpose is to enhance the careers of book writers, whether unpublished, emerging, or established.  

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage for these Professional Development workshops.