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Isabel Nanton

Kenya-born writer Isabel Nanton lives in Canada and East Africa, working as a journalist, author of both non-fiction and fiction, broadcaster and teacher. Since completing a Press Fellowship awarded at Cambridge University in 2002, her focus is currently on writing the stories emerging from Africa's 54 countries. She also specializes in Botanical and Horticultural writing.


E-mail: c/o Writers' Union of Canada
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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Adventuring in British Columbia. with Mary Simpson. Sierra Club of California, 1996.
Discover Canada. Toronto: Scholastic, 1994.
Souvenir Guide to Canada. Hong Kong: Chinaguide Series, 1989.
A History of Raray. Paris: Desktop, 1974.


Winner, Courier Fiction Prize, 1996.
Pacific Area Tourism Association Gold Awards for Discovery; Globe & Mail, 1986; 1993.
Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Best Feature for Skyword, 1984.


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Expert on Western Canada and her native Africa. Teaches journalism workshops for adults. Engages, entertains and informs audiences from Grade 5 to adult.

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International News, Book Writing, Aboriginal Journalism and select Travel Writing.

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