The Writers' Union of Canada presents webinars on a range of craft and business topics for writers. Past webinars have included sessions on grant writing, author branding, getting published in lit mags, taxes for writers, and much more!

All TWUC webinars are closed captioned. Learn more about accessibility at the Union

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Grants and Writing Residencies
January 2023
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> Past Webinars

  • Author Hacks and Apps with Craig Terlson, Dwayne Morgan, Donna Alward, and rob mclennan, hosted by Catherine Lewis (November 29, 2022 - member exclusive)
    > Exclusive for members: Click here to access the webinar recording until December 29, 2022 (login required).
  • Working with a Publicist with Heather J. Wood, hosted by Renée Sarojini Saklikar (November 9, 2022 - public webinar)
    > Exclusive for members: Click here to access the webinar recording until December 9, 2022 (login required).
  • Networking with Teachers with Kim Fahner, hosted by Waubgeshig Rice (October 13, 2022 - public webinar)
  • Social Media Can Be Helpful, But At What Cost? with Paul Coccia and Eric Walters, hosted by Melanie Florence (September 27, 2022 - public webinar)
  • Interviewing for Research with Alexis Kienlen, hosted by Kathy Kacer (September 15, 2022 - member exclusive)
  • Video Promotion for Authors with Liselle Sambury, hosted by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch (August 10, 2022 - public webinar)
  • Creating an Author Website with Ann Douglas, hosted by Wanda Taylor (July 13, 2022 - member exclusive)
  • Working with an Editor: Kidlit Edition with Michelle Barker and David G. Brown, hosted by Mahtab Narsimhan (June 14, 2022 - public webinar)
  • Construction of a Story Arc: In Conversation with Danuta Gleed Winners and Finalists with Jack Wang, Frances Boyle, Sidura Ludwig, and Natasha Deen (May 18, 2022 - public webinar)
  • Preparing to Publish: Making the Right Choice with Lynn Duncan and Bill Arnott (May 10, 2022 - public webinar)
  • Archives for Mid-Career Writers with Sarah Hillier and Dr. Ramabai Espinet (April 26, 2022 - member exclusive)
  • From Page to Stage and Screen (and the Detours Along the Way) with Emil Sher and Jamila Pomeroy (April 12, 2022 - public webinar)
  • Writing the Other: Including Diverse Characters in Our Stories with Natasha Deen, Tonya Liburd, Peter Midgley, and Winnie Yeung (March 24, 2022 - member exclusive)
  • Taxes for Writers with Hannah Lund of Givens LLP, hosted by Lilian Nattel (March 8, 2022 - public webinar)