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Anne Shmelzer

Anne Shmelzer

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Anne Shmelzer's Ottawa Citizen award-winning memoir, The Night My Father Came Back from the War, served as a precursor to her debut novel, A Marginally Noted Man. Anne's extensive knowledge and experience as a psychiatric nurse helped shape her characters and her years as a poet and accomplishments in music underscore the lyrical quality of her writing. She has also written musical and academic papers deposited in the National LIbrary of Canada and the Henri de la Grange Library in Paris. Born in 1940, Anne Shmelzer spent her childhood between Toronto and Madoc Township, Ontario. She attended Lisgar Collegiate Institute where her love of writing was first nurtured. She went on to receive her Registered Nursing Diploma with a focus on psychiatry and later completed her Bachelor of Music High Honours from Carleton University. 



EREV - The Evening Years of Reuben Gurewitz. 2021, Railway Creek Books Canada
A Marginally Noted Man. 2015, Railway Creek Books Canada


Anne Shmelzer for "The Night My Father Came Home From the War": "Latest News - First Prize...", 1997
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Presentation Description

In your class or among your friends and acquaintances there are people who have suffered trauma due to some event in their lives or the lives of members of their families. Refugees, accident victims, children who have suddenly lost parents or friends, have suffered from similar trauma. It is all called PTSD.

I hope to offer you, through a look at my recent novel, A Marginally Noted Man, greater knowledge of these traumatic events and their physical and emotional results, and discuss how, through friendship and understanding, you can play a part in adding strength to these victims to live a normal life.

My perspective, and empathy, come through my background as a psychiatric nurse, musician and poet.


Presentation Length:
a half day visit (1-2 sessions)
11 and 12
Audience Size:
up to fifty
Workshop Description:

My novel, A Marginally Noted Man, portrays Will Nicol's internal struggle to regain his sanity after five years in the WW1 trenches of Flanders Fields and explores the central themes of lasting love and friendship.

We will talk about:

1. Ontario pioneer families and their history in the period surrounding WW1, which is still significant in today's world.

2. The fictionalized events in my novel depict the reality of what happened in this war, and the type and method of research that enabled me to feel confident in the publication of this work.

3. How to help a classmate or friend who has suffered life trauma.

4. A look at the information on my website,