As part of The Writers’ Union of Canada’s commitment to equity and inclusion, the Union is committed to meeting and wherever possible exceeding legislative requirements regarding accessibility. The information on this page will be part of promotion for all TWUC–programmed events.



The Union makes every effort to ensure that TWUC-programmed events are held in wheelchair-accessible spaces, which include those with wheelchair-accessible washroom facilities. Whenever possible the Union will use venues with gender-inclusive washrooms. Seats at the front of the room will be reserved upon request for those who require them. The Union will work to ensure that free WiFi is available at venues. Information about venue accessibility will be included in the event information on the Union’s website.

The Union encourages members organizing member-led meetings to hold events in accessible spaces and to include accessibility information when sharing meeting details.

Services for Persons Who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing

The Union provides live captioning for all TWUC-programmed events. Those requiring an ASL interpreter are asked to contact the TWUC office at info[at]writersunion[dot]ca in advance of the event. In addition, the Union will ask speakers and others to use best practices (e.g., speaking clearly into a microphone, repeating questions from the audience) to provide a positive and productive environment for all attendees.

Support Workers 

Caregivers and support workers accompanying an attendee who requires support may attend any in-person TWUC-programmed event for free. Please contact the TWUC office at info[at]writersunion[dot]ca if you will be accompanied by a caregiver or support worker to an event. 

Service Animals

The Union welcomes service animals at in-person TWUC-programmed events. Every effort is made to ensure the Union chooses venues which allow service animals.


TWUC asks attendees to refrain from wearing perfumes at in-person TWUC-programmed events. All attendees are asked to inform the TWUC office at info[at]writersunion[dot]ca of allergies that may impact their attendance at the event.

Other Support

Please let us know at info[at]writersunion[dot]ca if you have any requirements not noted above so that we can ensure that our event welcomes you and provides the accommodations you need.


Website & Social Media

The Union is committed to making its website accessible by meeting legislative requirements and wherever possible exceeding those requirements. This includes striving to make all digital content on our website and social media accessible, including the use of descriptive alt text for images. Please contact us if you have specific questions or suggestions about our website’s accessibility at info[at]writersunion[dot]ca.

Other Materials

If you are unable to access any of our print or online materials in their current format, please contact info[at]writersunion[dot]ca to request an alternate format or communication supports.


The Union has a number of programs which provide financial assistance to members, including AGM Travel Reimbursement for those travelling to the Union’s Annual General Meeting, and a variety of programs to reduce (or waive) membership fees each year. If you have any questions about these programs, please contact info[at]writersunion[dot]ca.


The Union is committed to training staff on accessibility laws in Ontario, where our office is located, and on accessibility aspects of the Ontario Human Rights Code that apply to persons with disabilities. Training is provided in a way that best suits the duties of employees, volunteers, and other staff members. 


If you have additional accessibility needs which are not addressed here, we invite you to contact the TWUC office at info[at]writersunion[dot]ca so that we can work to best meet your needs.


Read the Union’s Accessibility Policy here


If you have any questions or concerns about these materials, please contact info[at]writersunion[dot]ca so that we can address these issues.