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Kari-Lynn Winters

Kari-Lynn Winters

Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters is an award-winning children’s author, playwright, performer, and academic scholar. Twenty-five of her picture or poetry books have been published or are in press.

An experienced teacher of writing, Kari-Lynn has worked with students across Canada and the United States in pre-schools, elementary and high schools, community centres, festivals, and universities.

Kari-Lynn is an associate professor at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. Her research interests include embodied literacies, drama in education, children’s literature, literacy, and multimodal forms of learning.

More information about Kari-Lynn Winters and her books (i.e., book reviews, author visits, teachers’ guides) can be found at

St. Catharines, Ontario


Jeffrey and Sloth. Orca Book Publishers, 2007
On My Walk. Tradewind Books, 2009
Runaway Alphabet. Simply Read Books, 2010
aRYTHMetique (the French Translation of aRHYTHMetic). Gumboot Books, 2010
When Chickens Fly. Gumboot Books, 2010
aRHYTHMetic. Tickle Trunk Publications, 2011
Gift Days. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2012
Buzz About Bees. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2012
Stinky Skunk Mel. Simply Read Books, 2013
Beyond Words: Using the Arts to Enhance Early Reading Comprehension. Look Again Press, 2013
No-Matter-What Friend. Tradewind Books, 2014
Bad Pirate. Pajama Press, 2015
Bite Into Bloodsuckers. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2015
Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2015
Good Pirate. Pajama Press, 2016
Let's Play a Hockey Game. Scholastic Canada, 2016
French Toast. Pajama Press, 2016
On My Skis. Tradewind Books, 2017
On My Bike. Tradewind Books, 2017
Best Pirate. Pajama Press, 2018
On My Swim. Tradewind Books, 2018
Hungry for Science: Poems to Crunch On. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2018
Pain-Doré. Tourne-Pierre, 2018
Ami pour-tout-toujours. Planète rebelle, 2014
Youth claims: Arts, media, and critical literacies in the lives of Adolescents. Routledge , 2015


Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada Award for Beyond Words: Using the Arts to Enhance Early Comprehension, 2005
ABC's of Education Award for Jeffrey and Sloth, 2007
OLA Best Bets for Jeffrey and Sloth, 2008
Resource Links "Best Books" List for aRHYTHMetic, 2009
Honour Book for the Forest of Reading's Blue Spruce Award for Jeffrey and Sloth, 2008
Association of Educational Publishers, Distinguished Achievement Award in Fiction Writing for Extreme Rollers, 2009
Silver medal, Chocolate Lily Award for Jeffrey and Sloth, 2009
Sponsored Tour, BC Book Prize for Jeffrey and Sloth, 2008
Everytales Best Tale Contest for Oh Ducky Day!, 2009
TD Canadian Children's Book Tour for (Body of Work), 2009
Silver Medal for the Christie Harris Illustrated Book Prize (BC Book Prizes) for A) Jeffrey and Sloth; B) On My Walk; and C) Gift Days, A) 2008; B) 2010; and C) 2013
Nominee, Chocolate Lily Award for A) Jeffrey and Sloth; B) On My Walk; and C) Gift Days, A) 2008; B) 2011; and C) 2013
Toronto Public Library's First and Best List for Reading Readiness for On My Walk, 2010/2011
Surrey Board of Trade Special Achievement Award for Writers for (Body of Work; Writing Mentorship), 2010
Nominee, Rainforest of Reading Award for Gift Days, 2013
Winner, Rainforest of Reading Award for Hungry for Math, 2016
Winner, Rainforest of Reading Award for Bad Pirate, 2016
St. Catharines Emerging Artist Award for (Body of work: Creativity and persistence), 2016
Nominee: Chocolate Lily Award for Bad Pirate, 2016-2017
Nominee: Chocolate Lily Award for Good Pirate, 2017-2018
Blue Spruce Nominee for French Toast, 2018
TD/Canada Trust Canadian Children's Book Week Tour Finalist. for All of Author's works, 2017
Saskatchewan Young Reader's Choice Award (The Shining Willow) for French Toast, 2017
Reading Lights Book Plaque for Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On, 2017
Animal Behaviour Society's "Outstanding Children's Book Award for Bite Into Bloodsuckers, 2016
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


Presentation Description

Get over writer's block, explore STEAM topics (math, science, arts), try free-style skiing , meet some rot-ten dragons and some teacup pups, participate in a word hockey game, or go for a rhythmic, rollicking walk! In her educational and interactive presentations, Kari-Lynn Winters (an award-winning author and drama/literacy professor) collaborates with teachers in order to explore how to bring reading and writing off the page for students. Rather than occupying the traditional space of presentation (e.g., students listen quietly while the author speaks), her author visits are re-imagined as interactive spaces for mentorship between author and child. Audiences negotiate what it means to be an author by participating in story building, exploring the power of imagination, identifying the joy of generating ideas, and by asking questions. Kari-Lynn's creative and dynamic 50 minute presentations include visuals, puppets, songs, and dramatic play, as well as readings from her published and soon-to-be-published books and magazine stories. She believes that books and stories provide boundless spaces where authors and readers can come together to explore literacy strategies, social justice issues, sports, science or mathematics concepts, and most of all—imagination!

Dr. Winters is also an associate professor at Brock University, teaching in the fields of Arts Education and Literacy Education. She is available for Conference presentations, keynote speeches, and art, STEAM, or literacy workshops.

Presentation Length:
50 minutes plus Q & A
picture books, poetry, drama, non-fiction
ELKP-grade 12, as well as College/University-level
Audience Size:
500 max.
Workshop Description:

Kari-Lynn offers a range of workshops.
Please see her website or contact her booking agency for more information.