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Getting published

Finished your first manuscript? Part way through a promising work-in-progress? Have a great idea for a story? Getting published can be a challenge, but TWUC is here to help. Read our free Getting Published FAQs to understand your next steps.
Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood
Novelist, Poet, Essayist (Photo credit: Luis Mora)
The results of forming the Union have been much greater than expected. All writers in Canada have benefited.


  • Powerful advocacy in support of writers’ rights
  • Connection with a community of professional writers across the country
  • Increased income opportunities through public and school readings programs
  • Free professional development resources and how-to guides
  • Be paid to mentor, or be mentored by, another writer through the Union's Mentorship Microgrants
  • Access to dedicated staff for contract advice and grievance assistance

Upcoming Webinars

The Writers' Union of Canada presents webinars on a range of craft and business topics for writers. All TWUC webinars are closed captioned. Learn more about accessibility at the Union. The following webinars are open to the public; members of the Union can find special member-exclusive webinars and recordings in the TWUC Member Portal.

22 Mar

3:00 pm ET
12:00 pm PT

Health Benefits for Writers: Q&A with the Writers’ Coalition

Join us for this live info session about health benefits for writers through the Writers’ Coalition Program, offered by AFBS.

28 Mar

2:00 pm ET
11:00 am PT

Nominating Committee Webinar

Join the discussion with First Vice-Chair candidates, Kim Fahner and Gail Sidone Šobat. Hosted by Tommy Schnurmacher.

13 Apr

2:00 pm ET
11:00 am PT

Poetry and Place: In Conversation with Poet Laureates

Celebrate National Poetry Month and join us in this discussion with Poet Laureates from different cities across Canada.

Member Announcement

Mar. 25 2023

Elke Brix (for a period in the 1990s)

I have been acting as an Agent for my brother, Brian Purdy, for about a year and a half now as he is elderly, ill, and unable to promote his own work in this way. I am very pleased to announce that in addition to several magazine publications, in early March a chapbook publication was secured for…