TWUC condemns the systemic racism brought once again to the forefront by the tragic racial violence aimed at Black people in North America. We share the anguish of our members directly affected by these events. Acts of anti-Black racism have sparked outrage and protest action in our communities, and those of our colleagues in the United States. As writers, we denounce the mistreatment of journalists doing their jobs by telling the stories of injustice and protest, and we call on governments at all levels to protect press freedom and the freedom to protest. We encourage writers and readers to donate where they can to local charities such as the Black Health Alliance. We also encourage the purchase of books about anti-Black racism in Canada*.

We mourn those who have been killed by anti-Black racism, and we support those protesting and telling the stories of this systemic violence. We believe that Black lives matter. 

The Writers’ Union of Canada

* Thank you to our colleagues at The Fold for compiling this list of titles.