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David Wimsett

David Wimsett

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David A. Wimsett writes novels and short stories as well as articles, columns and blogs for newspapers, magazines, corporations, and online platforms. He worked in the computer industry for over four decades where he ran a consulting firm, created software packages, wrote technical documentation, developed and presented  educational seminars, and managed projects as a certified project management professional with a masters certificate in project management.

He has appeared on radio and television talk shows and as a stage actor in musicals, comedies and dramas. He uses this experience to engage audiences when he makes appearances.

Mr. Wimsett became a single parent in his twenties and both raised and guided his son into adulthood.

The stories he writes follow characters as they grow and have the opportunity to examine themselves and their place in the world on a deep level. His works include characters of diverse genders, gender identities, colours, ethnicities and backgrounds who face realistic challenges in their lives with the opportunity to grow or diminish.

His urban fantasy entry in the Askance 2020/2021 short story competition was a runner up. His entry in the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia's Postcard Poetry Contest was one of the winners.  Beyond the Shallow Bank, his women's historical fiction novel with elements of Celtic mythology won first place in the Magic, Legend & Lore category and third place for Women's Historical Fiction at The BookFest Awards in Los Angeles.

In addition to being a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada, he is member of The Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia where he sits on the Writers’ Council and a founding member of the Canadian Freelance Guild.

He lives in a rural Nova Scotia town near the sea.

Nova Scotia
Womans Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction
I write professionally in the following language(s):


Beyond the Shallow Bank: A woman searches for herself amidst rumors of the selkies. 2017, Cape Split Press
Something on My Mind. 2018, Cape Split Press
Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of the Carandir Saga. 2019, Cape Spit Press
Half Awakened Dreams: Volume II of the Carandir Saga. 2020, Cape Split Press
Beyond the Shallow Bank: Illustrated Edition. 2021, Cape Split Press
Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of The Carandir Saga. 2022 (to be released in September), Cape Split Press


Mangelsdorf Award for Writing Excellence for Writing for Money Magazine, 2009
Askance Short Story Competition for Askance Publishing, 2021
Postcard Poetry Competition for Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, 2021
The BookFest Award: First place for magic, legend and lore for Beyond the Shallow Bank: Ilustrated Edition, 2022
The BookFest Award: Third place for women's historical fiction for Beyond the Shallow Bank: Ilustrated Edition, 2022
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Presentation Description

This presentation discusses the use of sentimentality and emotion in creating fiction and how writing with emotion is far more impactful. It covers selecting specific words, phrasing and details in narration and dialogue with examples to demonstrate their use. Attendees will learn how to write fiction that is immediate and memorable with scenes and characters that will stay with readers.

Presentation Length:
One hour
Beginning to experienced writers - teens to adults
Audience Size:
Up to 20
$20 per attendee
Workshop Description:

This workshop covers elements of craft that are shared with all types of writing and the special aspects of fantasy, science fiction and mythology. It discusses topics to include:

  • World building

  • Describing objects and creatures

  • Character development

  • Presenting details

  • Writing adventure

  • Writing epics

  • Exploring themes

  • Writing with emotion instead of sentimentality

  • Choosing the right tense

  • Writing in single and multiple viewpoints

  • Series and stand alone stories

Attendees will learn how to start, structure and wrap up speculative fiction tales that are satisfying for readers.

Workshop Length:
Five hours with lunch break for in person seminars with audience participation - One hour overeview for video presentations
Workshop Intended Audience:
Teen to adult - beginning to experienced
Workshop Audience Size:
10 to 20 for in person sessions or up to 40 for video links
Workshop Fee:
$200 for in person seminars - $30 for video presentations
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School Presentation Description:

This presentations covers writing fiction in short stories and novels. Students will learn the importance of craft and commitment. The presentation will cover subjects such as:

  • Getting started with an idea
  • Creating situations
  • Developing characters
  • Using tension and drama
  • Writing humour
  • Writing about adventures
  • Presenting themes and ideas
  • Learning the trade
  • Submitting work
  • Life as a writer
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Motivation

Students will receive an overview of writing fiction for submission to journals, magazines, literary agents and publishers.


School Presentation Length:
Two Hours with additional time after the presentation for questions
School Intended Audience:
Junior High to High School
School Audience Size:
Up to 20 students
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A Per Diem of $400 plus expenses for travel , and if required, lodgings
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