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Joy Thierry Llewellyn

Joy Thierry Llewellyn

Joy Thierry Llewellyn is an avid long-distance hiker who loves living out of a backpack. She was a story editor and screenwriter for film and TV, and taught screenwriting in Canada, India, and China. She's been a journalist, wildlife biology technician, governess in Australia, lived in a monastery in Nepal researching the resident Rinpoche, stayed in a remote Indian hospital while researching its founder, and has been on numerous juries for screenwriting and filmmaking. Her memoir short story about growing up in isolated fishing camps was short listed for the Commonwealth Prize. She now lives on a small BC island where she writes Young Adult novels about adventurous female rebels.

Pender Island
Screenwriting, Young Adult, Travel Writing, Memoir
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"When Lions Came in Brown Boxes", shortlisted for Commonwealth Short Story Competition, 2011
"Lovers of Leaving" for TWUC Grant, 2021
"Counting Toes in Thailand", finalist for Cesar Egido Serrano Foundation International Competition, 2017
"Fiddle MacPhife", co-written with Garnet Hirst for Praxis Screenwriting , 2013
WIFTV Lifetime membership for Women in Film & Television Vancouver, for mentoring filmmakerts, 2002
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