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Kern Carter

Kern Carter

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Kern Carter is a full-time writer and author who has written and self-published two novels — Thoughts of a Fractured Soul (novella) and Beauty Scars. His latest novel, Boys And Girls Screaming, is published by DCB/Cormorant Books. When Kern isn’t penning novels, he curates stories through CRY Magazine, his online publication that creates space for artists to navigate through the emotions of their creative journey. He lives in downtown Toronto with his nineteen-year-old daughter.

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Boys And Girls Screaming. 2022, DCB/Cormorant Books
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Presentation Description

My presentation is titled From Passion To Paper and will discuss the following:

  • My journey from self-published author selling thousands of novels to securing an agent and earning my first publishing deal. 

  • Finding and building community, both online and off and its importance to my career.

  • The burden of expectation and what it means to function and operate when people expect you to succeed.  



Presentation Length:
60 minutes
Passion And Paper
Emerging writers and artists.
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Workshop Description:

My workshop will include: 

  • What is writing in 2022

  • Building a readership and not followers 

  • The importance of culture in connecting to readers 

  • Finding your community 

Workshop Length:
60 minutes
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Emerging writers
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Is it enough?

That's the question young readers will ask themselves over and over again as they read my new novel, Boys And Girls Screaming. The plot follows a group of teenagers who form their own support group to help them deal with the trauma that each of them has endured. No parents, no teachers, no adults at all. Just them. 

For my presentation, I will lead students in a discussion on the core themes of the novel, which are friendship, healing, and what would the consequences be if young people took accountability for their own mental health. Although those topics can feel heavy, the foundation of the discussion will be centred around the main characters of the novel. This will ensure the conversation is steeped in literature and literacy, and where necessary, I will use my own life experience to deepen perspective. 

School Presentation Length:
60 minutes
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High school or college/university students
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Single classes or multiple classes can participate simultaneously.
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