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Kirsteen MacLeod

Kirsteen MacLeod is a writer and movement teacher (yoga, Feldenkrais Method), who leads 'body-centred writing' workshops. She recently completed her first book of poetry. Her nonfiction book, In Praise of Retreat, won a Gold Independent Book Publishers' Award in 2021, and Toronto Star called her book of short stories, The Animal Game, "an engaging debut collection." Kirsteen divides her time between Kingston, Ontario, by the lake, and a riverside cabin in the woods near Bancroft, Ontario. A native Glaswegian, she has also lived in Toronto and Brazil. Her fiction, nonfiction and poetry have been featured in Canadian journals, magazines and anthologies, and her work has been a finalist for the CBC Literary Award (creative nonfiction & poetry), the Writers’ Union prose award, and Arc's 'Poem of the Year' 2020, among others. Kirsteen has a BAA in Magazine journalism from Toronto Metropolitan University. Visit her website at  

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