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Laurie Ness Gordon

Laurie Ness Gordon lives on a waterfront property north of Kingston, Ontario. She has worked as an educator, consultant, workshop presenter and writer. Her articles and short stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Canada and England. In 2014, Borealis Press published her YA novel, The Medal. Laurie spent several years as a volunteer Project Manager and writer for a touring art exhibition that focused on self acceptance. She is currently supporting refugee families and working on a mystery. She enjoys making music, travelling, swimming, shoveling snow and being ‘productive’. Her favourite holiday memory is a 5-week motorcycle trip across Canada.


City: South Frontenac, Province/Territory: Ontario
Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, YA
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Audience size
12- 40
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YA, Historical Fiction
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30-40 minutes + Q & A
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From a Drum to a Novel

From childhood Laurie Ness Gordon loved books and harboured a secret ambition to write one herself, but there was never time. Then she retired and bought a djembe. That drum set her on a path that saw her novel, The Medal, published in 2014 by Borealis Press. Discover her journey. 

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Grade 6-12
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30 minutes + Q & A
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Reading + Q & A

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