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Marilyn Kleiber

Marilyn Kleiber

Marilyn Kleiber, born in South Africa, but raised primarily in Canada, has been writing since childhood. She is an instructor in writing skills, an author, and a mentor to a variety of other scribblers. Everything she teaches as an instructor, she has used in her own works. Her studies of literature and the English language are ongoing, and even today she adds to her education regarding the skills and challenges of word-smithing. Her take on courses is that there is always something to learn from someone new. Early in her short story writing, she was a winner at the Alice Munro festival. She has written magazine and newspaper articles, newsletters, online blogs, and her first five fantasy/myth novels were published, under the nom-de-plume of J. M. Tibbott. Since this is part of a series of seven novels, she is hard at work on novel #6. She belongs to a number of writing groups, and was past committee member of the Elora Writers' Festival. Marilyn claims if she could not write, she would lose the ability to breathe

I write professionally in the following language(s):


The Arrival: The Pridden Saga: Book 1. 2018, Sun Dragon Press Inc.
The Healers: The Pridden Saga: Book 2. 2019, Sun Dragon Press Inc.
The Warriors: The Pridden Saga: Book 3. 2020, Sun Dragon Press Inc.
The Pleasure Seekers: The Pridden Saga: Book 4. 2021, Sun Dragon Press Inc.
The Horse Masters: The Pridden Saga: Book 5. 2022, Sun Dragon Press Inc.
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Presentation Description

Building a World

During this presentation, Marilyn discusses all the blocks to building a world with color, visual excitement and one which enable the reading audience to feel at home.

When building a fantasy world, every aspect of the world in which we currently live, must duplicated in some fashion, so that the reading audience can relate to the unfolding plot and the development of the characters.


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1 hour
Fantasy and Myth
16 and up
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Up 200 people
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any one of the following:

Points of View

Character Development

What Tense?

Showing versus Telling 




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45 minutes
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Becoming a writer

Learning the skills

The joy of writing

Overcoming the Obstacles

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45 minutes
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Grades seven and eight and high school
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50 students
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