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Marjorie DeLuca

Marjorie (M.M.) DeLuca

Photo: J. Gaune Photography, Winnipeg, MB.

I was born in Durham City UK, then attended the University of London, and studied psychology before becoming a teacher and moving to Winnipeg I studied Advanced Creative writing with Pulitzer prizewinning author, Dr. Carol Shields, then became a professional novelist and screenwriter in 2011.

I write under the name Marjorie DeLuca, but my more recent novels are written under the name M.M. DeLuca

Published work (Publishing house):

  • THE SECRET SISTER (Canelo, March 25th 2021), psychological suspense. Was in the Apple Books Top 100 Best Sellers for two weeks, and in their Top 100 Mysteries and Thrillers for three months after publication. Has appeared on many Amazon bestseller lists.

  •  THE PERFECT FAMILY MAN (Canelo October 2021) Has been on Amazon bestseller charts in the UK, US, Canada and Australia since its publication.

  • THE SAVAGE INSTINCT (Inkshares, May 18th 2021). Literary historical suspense. Has a starred review on Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist and high ratings on Goodreads. Has been part of many major book club reads. On submission to US movie producers.


THE FOREVERS, THE PARASITES, THE FEEDERS (Amazon) YA dystopian sci-fi. Has been on Amazon best-seller lists many times. My adaptation of the trilogy into a TV series was shortlisted by Netflix in a call for submissions. I pitched it directly to a Netflix executive.

THE PITMAN’S DAUGHTER (Amazon) Literary historical fiction. was shortlisted for the Chapters Robertson Davies First novel in Canada award in 2001. It has frequently reached the Top 20 Literary bestseller lists on Amazon. It still continues to sell internationally and is a favorite with book clubs.

Contemporary and historical suspense, YA science fiction
I write professionally in the following language(s):


The Perfect Family Man. 2021, Canelo
The Savage Instinct. 2021, Inkshares
The Secret Sister. 2021, Canelo
The Pitman's Daughter. 2013, Amazon
The Forevers. 2013, Amazon
The Parasites. 2014, Amazon
The Feeders. 2015, Amazon
Chasing A Thrill. 2014, Amazon
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Finding Inspiration: how to find and develop great ideas.

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Writing contemporary and historical suspense
Adult, 16 years and upwards.
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Any size
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Techniques for finding great story ideas and how to use a writers' notebook as an idea bank.

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Adult 18+
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Writing science fiction stories, using fun, hands-on individual and group activities.

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grades 10-12
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