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Paula Sevestre

Indigenous Author and Master of Transformative Knowledge for Wellness

Book: The False Healer: A Trilogy.

As an Indigenous Author and Master of Transformative Knowledge for Wellness, Paula Sevestre has been led to explore and integrate Wholeness Medicine. This simply means, by making a home for the good and not so good to live harmoniously, we can create balance and wholeness in our lives. Paula has become a living teacher and expression of Wholeness Medicine through transformative knowledge. Transformative Knowledge is perspective, connection, imagination, and self-discovery. She has authored three books related to her self-healing and transformative experiences and created a variety of workshops and presentations based on her healing journey. Paula is a Member in Good Standing with The Writer's Union of Canada and holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations. She is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Certified Purpose Quest Facilitator. Her most recent book, The False Healer: A Trilogy was released in 2020. She has also worked with Indigenous organizations in Ontario for the past 25 years in the areas of partnership development, project management and public relations. In her youth, she spent time in Saudi Arabia working as a flight attendant for Saudi Arabian Airlines. Paula is Mi'kmaq from the Membertou First Nation in Nova Scotia and resides in Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation with her husband, Mark. She has twin sons, Bradley, and Nathaniel.

Helping others achieve personal balance and connection in their lives is my passion. My stories speak from the heart and are written to inspire, guide, and uplift those on their healing pathway. I speak from experience. When my world turned upside down over ten years ago, it seemed my life would never be the same. And it isn't. It's better.

Paula's book, The False Healer: A Trilogy details her journey to emotional and legal reconciliation. It brings closure to a nine-year odyssey of entanglement and deceit. Based on true events, she shares her foray into the justice system to right the wrongs committed against her by a False Healer. Lured into the healer's web nine-years earlier, she suffered immeasurable damage, which awakened her search for Truth.

The Trilogy brings together her body of work contained in The False Healer (2020), Out From Beneath Your Wings (2016) and Heaven's Wait (2014).





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The False Healer: A Trilogy
Paula Sevestre
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