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Paula Sevestre

Paula Sevestre

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Mi'kmaq Author and Founder, Ascension Today.

Book: The False Healer: A Trilogy.

Helping others achieve personal balance and connection in their lives is my passion. My stories speak from the heart and are written to inspire, guide, and uplift those on their healing pathway. I speak from experience. When my world turned upside down over ten years ago, it seemed my life would never be the same. And it isn't. It's better.

Metaphorically speaking, I thought transformative knowledge would help me repair a crack in my foundation, when in fact, it helped me build a whole new house. I learned to let go of emotional pain that had insidiously entwined into every aspect of my life unbeknownst to me. I developed habits and stress responses that were clearly a sign that it was time to let go. All those years of denying myself acknowledgement of deep-rooted emotional pain almost caused me irreparable damage. Therefore today, I guide others how to use transformative knowledge as a tool to heal their emotional pain. I teach them how to connect and relate their experiences to personal growth. This is the very essence of ascension.  

My book, The False Healer: A Trilogy details my journey to emotional and legal reconciliation. It brings closure to a nine-year odyssey of entanglement and deceit. Based on true events, I share my foray into the justice system to right the wrongs committed against me by a False Healer. Lured into the healer's web nine-years earlier, I suffered immeasurable damage, which awakened my search for Truth.

The Trilogy brings together my body of work contained in The False Healer (2020), Out From Beneath Your Wings (2016) and Heaven's Wait (2014).





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The False Healer: A Trilogy. 2020, Paula Sevestre
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